Language exchange English-Spanish

  • Hi. Anyone interested in practicing Spanish with me in return for some help with my English?

    22 Jun 2005, 04:58 Anonymous
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  • Check classifieds

    I see you're discussion has gone without reply for a while. Perhaps have a look in the classifieds of this website...

    Anonymous 16 Jul 2005, 03:54 - Report
  • I'm interestead in helping with you spanish.

    I'm spanish girl,and I'd like to do and exchange spanish-english. Please contact me.
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 19 Aug 2005, 12:06 - Report
  • 15/9/05

    Hi, I am a spanish sudent. I need someone to speak english. I study fine arts. I would like to meet people of fine arts. I can help you with the spanish.
    E-mail. [email removed]

    Anonymous 15 Oct 2005, 04:45 - Report
  • anonymus

    Hola, pues yo quiero aprender el idioma ingles hable el indio espaniol, si alguien quisiera brindarme su ayuda para poderlo practicar se los agradeceria. Mi correo es: [email removed]

    Anonymous 12 Jan 2006, 03:39 - Report
  • looking for english speaker

    hi i would like to exchange email with people who grew up with the english lenguage. I live in Chile and i can help you with your spanish.

    my email address is : [email removed]


    Anonymous 27 Feb 2006, 10:55 - Report
  • hi

    I would like to help you to spanish and I like to continous to practice my english I am in Spain Madrid and also I will be in England my email is [email removed] I hope to be contact you

    Anonymous 06 Aug 2006, 03:37 - Report
  • yo española de barcelona.

    cambio mi español por tu inglés.

    Anonymous 31 Aug 2006, 10:54 - Report
  • cambio idioma

    cambio my español por tu inglés mi mail es [email removed] i'm from Barcelona. Thank you

    Anonymous 31 Aug 2006, 10:56 - Report
  • english-spanish exchange

    I'm looking for someone who speaks native english and who's learning spanish. If you don't want to learn spanish but you would like to know about a different culture, that's ok. I'm from Argentina. My email is [email removed]

    Anonymous 18 Oct 2006, 11:12 - Report
  • learn spanish

    hi , I want to learn spanish . If anyone could help me. Thanks in advance.

    Anonymous 31 Oct 2006, 06:58 - Report
  • i would like to change my spanish by your english

    Hi i´m a girl from Madrid, if you want to speak spanish i am your spanish teacher! ha ha ha
    See you

    Gema 28 Mar 2007, 06:39 - Report
  • i would like to practise english, please!

    if you are english i would like to practise my english, talk in english and spanish,

    Luna 28 Mar 2007, 06:45 - Report
  • Everest Tola

    Name : Everest Tola
    Age : 18
    Live : England
    Job : Hydraulic

    Everest Tola 31 Mar 2007, 05:39 - Report
  • Hi

    Hi.I want to practice English.I can speak Spanish or Basque(Euskera) with you. [email removed]

    Iñaki 19 Apr 2007, 01:16 - Report
  • Spanish-English Exchange

    Hi, Im from Barcelona and now Im living in London. I would like to practice my english and help you in practicing your spanish. Contact me on [email removed] or phone me at 07891 190 759.

    Gerard 07 May 2007, 07:04 - Report
  • yo quiero pacticar mi inglés contigo

    yo quiero pacticar mi inglés contigo. A cambo te enseñaré español. Escribeme a [email removed]

    Rosana 19 May 2007, 12:42 - Report
  • hola

    Me llamo Phil y vivo en Inglaterra con un conejo, una conejita, dos gansos, un hijo y una mujer.
    Toco bastante mal la guitarra y soy fatal con los juegos malabares.
    Me gusta ir a tabernas en donde se toca/canta la música folklórica.
    Asisto a una iglesia evangélica.
    Cuéntame de ti.

    Phil 11 Jun 2007, 09:38 - Report
  • having and exchange with english gilrl (14 years old)

    Hello,I am and Spanish mother who wants that her daughter improve her English.Please write me if you are a girl of 14 years old. 02 Jul 2007, 03:34 - Report
  • Spanish speakers in Dubai - My english for your spanish

    Are there any spanish speakers in Dubai?

    Soy ingles chica, vivo en Dubai hace 4 meses. Hablo español mas o menos, pero quiero practicar mas. Si tu quieres ayudar con ingles, Puedo ayudarle tambien. email me at [email removed] preferio practicar con chica. Gracias. 

    Hayley 11 Jul 2007, 09:06 - Report
  • Hola

    Me llamo Romolo soy italiano pero he vivido todo mi vida en inglatera, mi ingles es excelente, he ido al unversitad
    Estoy estudiando espanol pero nececito practicarlo

    Vivo en Londres
    si quieres contatarme mi coreo es [email removed]


    Romolo russo 18 Jul 2007, 10:24 - Report


    MArko Antonio 21 Jul 2007, 12:33 - Report
  • Learning together

    Spanish boy interested in learning English. You send me mails in Spanish and I reply in English.
    Also, if you're Skype user, we can talk.

    [email removed]


    Carlos 22 Jul 2007, 12:18 - Report
  • I want to Teach spanish and improve my english

    Hello Im from Valencia ( Spain) and I would like to improve my english with someone. I'm 23 years old.

    Skype: el_chava
    hotmail: [email removed]

    juan 22 Aug 2007, 01:14 - Report
  • spanish-english

    I´ll travel to London some days. With my brother. 12-16 october. I like practice english and i can to learn english to you. I like travel and know people....and win new friends. happy
    I´m 39 years old

    [email removed]

    Mikel 31 Aug 2007, 09:16 - Report
  • spanish-english

    I´ll travel to London some days. With my brother. 12-16 october. I like practice english and i can to learn "spanish" to you. I like travel and know people....and win new friends.
    I´m 39 years old

    [email removed]

    Mikel 31 Aug 2007, 09:18 - Report
  • Speak english/german, from Buenos Aires

    Hi, I am a Argentine sudent, I´m 31 years old. I need someone to speak english/german. I'm a IT developer, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    If you want to talk with me, my e-mail is: [email removed].

    Frank 25 Sep 2007, 08:08 - Report
  • Spanish / English, Russian

    I'm studying Spanish. Wanna practice the language with a native speaker. In my turn, i can help with English and Russian.

    If you're interested, don't hesitate writing me

    [email removed]

    Natalia 13 Oct 2007, 10:29 - Report
  • one to one

    Hello friends, I need to speak in English, so if you're interested to learn Spanish, I'll help you in all that you need.

    It'll be funny! I'm from Cadiz /Andalusian in Spain. Im living in London.

    Thanks. [email removed]

    pilu 15 Oct 2007, 07:06 - Report
  • Language exchange English-Spanish

    Hi everyone, My name is Luis I've been living in London for 1 year and a half and I'm interested in look up my english, in gratitude I can help you with your Spanish.

    If you're intersted this is my e-mail
    [email removed]

    LUIS 05 Nov 2007, 01:48 - Report
  • i would like to help

    i no a little spanish and i am fluent in english
    i need to improve on my spanish so i would love to help anyone needing it!!
    please email me at
    [email removed]

    onexsoul 08 Nov 2007, 09:23 - Report
  • i would love to help you

    i am 14 years old and am learning spanish and am fluent in english
    I would love to help your daughter

    please email me:
    [email removed]

    onexsou; 08 Nov 2007, 09:27 - Report

    hello, my name is liliana i am from Santa Cruz Bolivia and speak very good spanish, my will like speak you english.

    my correo is [email removed]

    Liliana 27 Nov 2007, 03:29 - Report
  • Spanish who want to practice English

    My name is Carlos, i live in Malaga and i want to practice and improve my english, If somebody want to write or talk with me, i would be very interested.

    [email removed]

    Carlos 27 Nov 2007, 10:40 - Report
  • italian for english

    hey, j speak a little english .please help me to improve end j help you for italian.
    my E- mail : .it

    marilù 30 Nov 2007, 09:56 - Report
  • saludo

    hola, he leido tu mensaje.yo soy español, me a chocado pues estuve en dubai hace algunas semanas por la feria del big5.te mando un saludo y espero que tengas un buen fin de año.escribeme si quieres, sera un placer

    jesus 28 Dec 2007, 11:34 - Report
  • saludo

    hola, he leido tu mensaje y me ha chocado pues estuve en dubai hace algunas semanas en el show big5.te mando un saludo.ya se que prefieres ablar con chicas, yo soy chico, me gustaria practicar ingles.bueno te mando un saludo.gracias por leerme.

    exup01 28 Dec 2007, 11:45 - Report
  • hello

    hello, I read your sm and I am interesting in learn english.I can speak in spanish to you and you can learn spanish.thans for reedme

    exup01 28 Dec 2007, 11:48 - Report
  • hey from Paraguay!

    My name is Mayra, i live in South America, Paraguay and i want to practice and improve my english, If somebody want to write or talk with me, i would be very interested.
    Thanks.. my e-mail is.. [email removed]

    Mayra 03 Jan 2008, 03:47 - Report
  • Exchange spanish-english!!!

    I'm spanish girl from argentine and I'm looking for people to exchange spanish-english. Please contact me.
    [email removed]

    Lorena 10 Jan 2008, 05:41 - Report
  • language exchange

    Hi, I'm English (male) and live in west london.I am looking for someone to meet with to practice Spanish (Native Spanish speaker)

    I speak good Spanish, and am educated to degree level

    please email
    [email removed]


    marcus 12 Jan 2008, 01:48 - Report
  • cambio exchange lessons

    Hi. I'm polish with fluent english staying in malaga. Me and my partner (english) are looking for someone who would teach us spanish in exchange for english or polish. [email removed]

    agnes 14 Jan 2008, 02:03 - Report
  • i'd be a pleausure for me to give you a hand with languages :)

    Hello all;
    I am writing from beautiful Guayaquil-Ecuador in South America and I'd be more than happy to help you with spanish, i really love languages i can also speak english and french too. I like to learn so much about other countries, their culture, their people if you are interested to exchange about yr country or if u wanna to know anything about my not hesitate to drop me a line to: [email removed].

    Hope to hear from you soon happy
    Kind regards,

    Sara Tomalá 16 Jan 2008, 06:40 - Report
  • hallo

    maybe you can find on in this website
    i think it is very good and I like it very much.

    Jessieschau 23 Jan 2008, 04:31 - Report

    Hi I am Spanish and need to learn the English ... can you help me? I in exchange offer you to teach(show) you Spanish ... porfavor to help myself, thank you very much.

    We can speak for the messenger

    [email removed]

    Spidergirl24 30 Jan 2008, 02:21 - Report
  • Spanish want to practice English

    Hi, i'm Spanish and I a living in England, if anybody is interested in studying spanish and teaching me English, please send me and e mail [email removed]

    Juan 30 Jan 2008, 05:20 - Report
  • language exchange

    hi my name is vinicio, i am from ecuador , but i live in spain for 7 years, i would like to exchanges languages with you, i can share my experience with you the two cultures from ecuador and msdrid, my e-mail is [email removed]

    vinicio 08 Mar 2008, 08:57 - Report
  • Study english

    Hi.yo quiero aprender ingles ,I speak spanish, I live in Italy, my name is Marcos.
    [email removed]

    Marcos 10 Mar 2008, 05:15 - Report
  • Hi my name is Rosemary i would like to practice my English

    Hi i am 28years old, i speak spanish I was born in Spain and live in Mexico for a long time almost all my life, and i would like to practice English with you because i don`t have the fluent english that i would like to have. Please if you are intrested send me an e-mail to [email removed]

    Hope you enjoy dubai!!! cheers happy

    Rosemary 16 Mar 2008, 11:41 - Report
  • Language exchange English-Spanish

    I'm a mexican woman. Nowadays I'm learning English. I would like to speak English more fluently, so I need someone whose native language
    be English in order to have a language exchange. I promise to help him or her learning Spanish. I' m a serious person.
    P. S. You can start checking this message. If I have mistakes don't doubt, correct it. Thank you.

    Mariam 17 Apr 2008, 11:34 - Report
  • Language exchange English-Spanish

    I'm a mexican woman. I would like to have a language exchange with a native speaker English, man or woman. Nowadays I'm learning English and I need to speak it fluidity. If you want, I can help you to learn Spanish. I'm a serious person. Please write down to [email removed]

    María M. 17 Apr 2008, 11:45 - Report
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