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  • As first home buyers, the very first thought that stuck me and Jenny was this isn’t true. A lovely flat with such a great location and that too at a discount - there are surely some charges that are going to appear from nowhere. So, we kept asking questions and seeking clarifications. And these people were really patient and extremely helpful. And the deal was a genuine, discounted one. When we came out of the Big Property Ladder office, we knew that we were closer than ever to our own low cost house. Six months have passed since we moved in, and we are very happy.
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    26 Jul 2008, 09:17 jackson1983
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  • Bearwood in Smetwick is a shithole

    I have just moved to Bearwood,Smethwick in Birmingham and it is a shithole.I didn't realise how bad it was. I used to live in West Bromwich and I thought that was bad, but no where near as bad as Smethwick!I thought it would be an ok area but it has turned out to be a nightmare.The property I bought was relatively cheap, but I think the saying you get what you pay for comes to mind.It has been a nightmare because of the disorderly youths who live in this area. The street is always filled with litter, needles are frequently seen and many youths around here are very confrontaional.These Youths it has to be said are mainly asian, not wanting to be racist, because I am a foreigner myself, being a dutchman. There have already been a couple of raids on houses in this area in the short time i've been here. I can't wait to move out now even though I have only recently just moved here.Selling my property is proving to be hard though.All I want is to get the capital I paid for this house back.I am feeling a bit depressed and I really regret moving here with my wife.This is the biggest mistake we've made in our adult lives and we would not recommend anyone buying in this area.Most of the people are miserable and common(not wanting to sound like a snob)in this area.We might have to sell our house at a cut price, because that seems the only way we will get out of this dive ASAP.

    Barry 08 Nov 2008, 09:37 - Report
  • oh dear

    feeling a bit down are you chap?

    ben 08 Nov 2008, 09:46 - Report
  • Smethwick In Birmingham Is A Shithole

    Well Birmingham has some right vile run down places where gangs roam streets sellling drus and getting high off drugs and needles are discareded all over the streets of place slike handsworth aston ladywood lozells newtown nechells perry barr erdington small heath sparkhill hockley bordesley green ward end washwood heath sparkbrook

    Sally 02 Dec 2008, 05:40 - Report
  • Birmingham

    Birmingham has never been a glamorous city and I don't think it ever will be one. Most people I've talked to who've been there don't have many nice things to say about it. But there are decent areas like Solihull, Edgbaston, Sutton Coldfield, Harborne, Quinton, Selly Oak and Bournville. These are the probably the best areas in Birmingham that I have visited but thwere are many run down areas.

    Ian 02 Dec 2008, 09:44 - Report
  • Birmingham

    Oh and other good areas are longbridge,moseley and Tamworth.
    So I suggest you move to one of the places I've mentioned if you want to live in Brum. That is if you can afford to live in these areas.

    Ian 02 Dec 2008, 09:56 - Report
  • Birmingham Is A Shithole

    Solhill isn't actually Birmingham technically and many of the posh people who liv ein Solihull claim to not be in any way related or even to step foot in Birmingham even tho it's several miles from Birmingham.

    Dave 02 Dec 2008, 10:01 - Report
  • Birmingham Is A Shithole

    Ian Tamworth ain't nowhere near Birmingham and some parts of Moseley are run down and Longbridge is in Birmingham and that too is run down and pretty troubled with drug abuse.

    Dave 02 Dec 2008, 10:03 - Report
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