Cheap calls to Germany??

  • Hi, I am wondering if someone could recommend cheap calling options from the UK to Germany. My calls will be +30 min.

    Where can I buy international calling cards in the UK? Which ones are most suited to my needs? How many minutes / hours do they last? What do they cost?

    Thank you for your comments happy
    Kind regards, Petra

    08 Nov 2005, 11:06 Anonymous
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  • call germany for 1p ;) or - to call Germany would be from 1p/m! no need to register or prepay - just choose best price at the moment and dial from a landline. From a phonecards would be a bit more expensive, no phonecard can beat companies like Telediscount, Abroadtel, Dialwise etc - recomended sites above compares those companies.

    Anonymous 28 Nov 2005, 11:08 - Report
  • 3p/min call back Germany

    call 0844 431 2021 to Germany for free on o2 pay monthly mobile,
    if ur phone is not o2, it would cost u 3p per minunte, it is still cheaper, isn't it.

    more details u could see

    Anonymous 09 May 2006, 08:46 - Report
  • call Germany for 2p

    Dial low cost access number 0844 835 0049 for the Germany, wait for connection, dial your international telephone number 0049..... for more destinations and more info about cheap international phone calls

    Anonymous 26 Jun 2006, 11:15 - Report
  • cheap calls to Germany

    Have you checked out You top up any telephone number you wish ( your mobile, your landline or even your friend's mobile...) from a landline, and call any international or mobile destination using only one access number.

    Anonymous 27 Jun 2006, 06:06 - Report
  • Only 2pence to Germany

    Have you tried with Its only 2pence per minute to Germany from telethunder.

    Anonymous 03 Jan 2007, 10:22 - Report
  • Call Germany for only 2 pence per min

    Hi Mates,

    As lots of discussion to make cheap calls to Germany is going on I want to express my views in this topic.

    I found a website which is also provides international calls to Germany for only 2 pence per minute.

    Anonymous 16 Jan 2007, 12:42 - Report
  • Free Calls from UK to Germany

    If you have Free inclusive, cross network minutes on your T-Mobile, Orange or Virgin contract, follow these steps:

    1. Dial:
    -->> 07744 78 7973 <<--
    2. Then dial the full international number (beginning with 00, then your country code) followed by hash key.

    GERMANY £0.03 08446298903 Inclusive on o2 contract phones
    GERMANY £0.05 08448258903 Inclusive on o2 contract phones

    O2 contract holders
    1. Dial:
    aceess number above
    2. Then dial the full international number (beginning with 00, then your country code) followed by hash key. 23 Mar 2007, 09:54 - Report
  • 2p/min to call Germany: Any time, any day

    Hi, I use for my long distance calls. They charge 2p to call Germany. The link is:

    Chris Sims 16 May 2007, 12:54 - Report
  • cheap calls to germany

    Hi there,

    I use another option to make calls to Germany for 1p/min:

    register your landline with (or for free and then use the prefix 1899.

    But u need a credit card...

    zaubi 26 Oct 2007, 10:34 - Report
  • Cheap international phone calls have some of the cheapest rates to Germany, Spain, America, Canada, Australia, Brazil. Check them out, they're very simple to use.

    Anonymous 30 Oct 2007, 07:36 - Report
  • Cheap calls abroad from mobiles.

    Hi. 0844-numbers are not included to free minutes any more. However,there is a better deal. You can make calls from mobile phone via normal mobile number,which will start 078.... Moreover,for every spent minute you can get 2 pence on your account.When you abroad incoming call for u will cost 1-3 pence.Many other benefits,i can not explain all.No monthly contract needed.No hidden charges.I promise you will not regret. Ti find out more send a text "Noodle Britain " to 81025. They will contact you and give a number. Only you will have access to this number.

    Kevin 01 Nov 2007, 11:20 - Report
  • Cheap calls in Ikappa

    I am using
    Rates are good, and quality also.

    Anonymous 15 Nov 2007, 08:00 - Report
  • Call Germany for 0.5 pence per minute with Cherry Call

    Hi, Cherry Call has just launched a new service where you can phone Germany (and lots of other destinations) for just half a pence per minute!

    Take a look at this page for more info:

    Robin James 24 Nov 2007, 08:52 - Report
  • Call Germany for 1.5p/min

    Planet Numbers have lowered their prices again - you can now phone Germany (and most of Europe) for only 1.5p per minute without any prepayments or registration.

    see for a full country index, or for just Germany, see:

    JK 13 Jan 2008, 12:38 - Report
  • Cheap calls to Germany

    Hello again, sorry but there is a mistake on the post from me above: The Cherry Call SMS cost to phone Germany is not 0.5p/min, but actually 2p a minute....but this is still recommended from your mobile phone.

    Our cheaper service is to dial 0844 3030 777 (landlines can call 0844 numbers cheaper than mobiles) and costs 1.5p per minute at all times.

    See for full details.

    Robin James 20 Jan 2008, 02:08 - Report
  • Cheap calls to Germany??

    I recommend you buy cheapest and qualitative calling cards online here

    Jessy G 24 Apr 2008, 11:04 - Report
  • low cost access numbers

    Petra, like you I too was using calling cards and now I'm sticked to juvinos access numbers. its really hassle free. no separate bills i.e., the call charge will be billed to our mobile/landline. its almost 11 months I being using to reach my near and dear staying in Germany.
    petra try and see..

    jamesnichole 02 Jul 2008, 01:43 - Report
  • cheap call from germany to uk or UK to Germany

    hi i want to call to/from uk mobile number(0755) or landline(0870) from/to germany landline

    number,pleas tell me cheapest way.

    thanks for u suggestion.
    kind reards

    Peter 30 Nov 2008, 02:28 - Report
  • Cheap International Calls from UK mobiles with 999 Card

    Cheap International Calls from UK mobiles with 999 Card
    999 Top-up Phone Card - Cheap International Calls from UK mobiles

    Try our 'virtual' phone card that allows you to pre-pay for international call credit by SMS.

    Text ‘999’ to 80550 for a 5 pounds call credit

    For access dial: 020 7124 6666 (national access and included in the numbers you can call as part of your inclusive cross network free minutes).
    At the prompt, dial your international destination number (including the prefix '00'). Don't press CALL button - we'll connect you directly.
    That's it - you're connected.

    See more information at,


    999TALK 23 Mar 2009, 06:23 - Report
  • Free International Calls from a BT landline 0870 9967 999

    Free International Calls from a BT landline 0870 9967 999
    0870 996 7999 - FREE from a BT landline on weekdays

    BT has announced that, from 16th January 2009, calls to numbers starting 0845 and 0870 will be free from a BT landline at certain times. At the present time no other fixed line providers have made this offer.
    BT has stated that there is no sign up to get these calls for free and that all of their customers on a calling plan will automatically get them.
    The BT call plans that will receive free calls to access number 0870 996 7999 are:

    Unlimited Anytime Plan Free anytime (Mon-Fri) 0870 9967 999
    Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan Free in the evening (Mon-Thu 6pm to 6am, Fri 6pm to 23.59pm, Mon 0.00am to 6am) 0870 9967 999
    BT Together Local and BT Working Together Talk Free in the evening (Mon-Thu 6pm to 6am, Fri 6pm to 23.59pm, Mon 0.00am to 6am) 0870 9967 999
    BT Working Together Free anytime (Mon-Fri) 0870 9967 999
    Pay AND Call Pay & Call customers will be on either the Unlimited Weekend Plan, Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan or the Unlimited Anytime Plan - free calls to 0845 & 0870 numbers will be the same as these plans.

    What are the restrictions?
    BT have set a limit of 60 minutes duration for each call and no more than 1,000 minutes of free calls each month. They also limit the total number of free calls to 150 per month. If these limits are exceeded BT customers will automatically be charged standard BT call rates.

    For more details please visit

    Destinations allowed on 0870 996 7999 (free on weekdays* only)
    *00:00 Monday to 23:59 Friday

    Albania; Andorra; Argentina; Argentina,Buenos Aires; Argentina,Mobile; Armenia; Australia; Austria;

    Bahamas; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Bangladesh Dhaka,Mobile; Bangladesh,Dhaka; Belgium; Bermuda; Bolivia,Cochabamba; Bolivia,La Paz; Bolivia,Santa Cruz; Brazil; Brazil,Rio De Janeiro; Brazil,Sao Paulo; Brunei; Brunei,Mobile; Bulgaria;

    Canada; Chile; China; China,Mobile; Christmas Island; Colombia; Colombia,Bogota; Costa Rica; Costa Rica,Mobile; Croatia; Cyprus; Cyprus,Mobile; Cyprus,North; Czech Republic;

    Denmark; Dominican Republic;


    Finland; France; French Antilles;

    Georgia; Germany; Ghana; Gibraltar; Greece; Guadeloupe; Guam;

    Hong Kong; Hong Kong,Mobile; Hungary;

    Iceland; India; India,Mobile; Indonesia; Indonesia,Jakarta; Iran,Tehran; Iraq; Ireland; Israel; Israel,Mobile; Italy;

    Japan; Jordan;

    Korea South; Korea South,Mobile;

    Laos,Mobile; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg;

    Macao; Macao,Mobile; Malaysia; Malaysia,Mobile; Mariana Islands; Mexico; Mexico,Mexico City; Monaco;

    Netherlands; New Zealand; Nigeria; Nigeria,Lagos; Norway;

    O, P
    Panama; Paraguay,Asuncion; Peru; Peru,Lima; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico;

    Q, R
    Reunion Island; Romania; Russia; Russia,Mobile; Russia,Moscow;

    San Marino; Saudi Arabia,Jeddah; Saudi Arabia,Riyadh; Serbia And Montenegro; Singapore; Singapore,Mobile; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland;

    Taiwan; Thailand; Thailand,Bangkok; Thailand,Mobile; Turkey; Turkey,Istanbul;

    UK National; Uruguay; US Virgin Islands; USA; Uzbekistan; Uzbekistan,Mobile;

    Vatican City; Venezuela; Venezuela,Caracas;

    Zambia; Zimbabwe;

    999TALK 23 Mar 2009, 06:23 - Report
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