Cheap international calls

  • Can someone recommend some decent companies for calling the Bahamas from the UK??

    22 Jun 2005, 05:41 Anonymous
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  • Intl calls section on this site!

    I think that the numbers given on the international calls section of this website are applicable to calling the Bahamas as well.

    Anonymous 29 Jun 2005, 07:04 - Report
  • 11.9c/min calling Bahamas from UK

    Using CallTalkNow services at you'll get some of the best rates on the internet for domestic and international calls. Also you have FREE dialing instructions at
    You can order your PIN right now and start making calls within minutes.

    Anonymous 16 Oct 2005, 03:19 - Report
  • cheap international calls

    choose from a list of companies at or - to call Bahamas would be from 1p/m! how about that happy no need to register, prepay - just choose best price at the moment and dial from a landline.

    Anonymous 28 Nov 2005, 11:03 - Report
  • cheap calls to bahamas

    Choose [url][/url]. your calls to bahamas will be very cheap.

    Anonymous 03 Jan 2007, 10:19 - Report
  • free call to Bahamas

    see here, u can make free calls to Bahamas, available on O2, t-moible and orange mobiles.

    Anonymous 08 Jan 2007, 03:51 - Report
  • Free International Calls to Bahamas


    Make free calls to Bahamas through Teleminutes. Its very easy to use. If you have a mobile connection with free inclusive minutes you can make free calls to Bahamas.

    Just visit

    Anonymous 16 Jan 2007, 12:45 - Report
  • Cheap calls to the Bahamas

    Hi, try Cherry Call - calls to Bahamas cost 3p per minute. Visit their website here:

    All you do is dial 0844 4300 777 before the full international number in the Bahamas.

    A.N.Other 23 May 2007, 12:15 - Report
  • 100s of countries for just 3p/min

    Bahamas is 4p/min - just dial 0844 904 6099

    PocketDialUK is an established telecoms operator that has been operating for 5 year. They use good quality phone lines and are still able to offer cheap calls from landlines and free calls from mobiles.

    Try this link for a full list of rates and access numbers:

    This one for free calls from Orange, O2 and Virgin Mobiles:

    PocketDialUK 11 Jun 2007, 01:27 - Report
  • cheap calls to all countries all day every day

    All EU countries, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, US, SA, NZ:

    Access Number 0844 6291989
    From BT land line to a land line in your country: 3p per minute every day all day

    Access Number 08715361989
    From BT land line to a land line in Uzbekistan: 6p per minute every day all day
    Access Number 08719141989
    From BT land line to a mobile number in Uzbekistan: 10p per minute every day all day

    Ania 30 Jun 2007, 12:10 - Report
  • International calls at cheap rates

    I was looking for calls to Nigeria and came across it has low rates to all of the world.
    I used it for 8p to a nigeria mobile. I waited for my BT bill and it was exactly 8p per minute. I was truelly happy so i say try it if you want to make international call. It is good

    Obi 14 Sep 2007, 04:15 - Report
  • Call sheap!

    Cheap international phone calls
    It’s a easy ad on to your mobile operator.
    Long distance cost me like calling next door.

    Alex 30 Oct 2007, 09:18 - Report
  • cheapest international calling rates

    Save £££ on your international phone bills from the UK to any country.


    CheapCallsAbroad 30 Oct 2007, 07:34 - Report
  • We've lowered our prices for phone calsl to the Bahamas

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that we have reduced the price of calls to the Bahamas: It now costs just 2.5 pence per minute!

    Just dial 0844 323 0777 followed by the full international number.

    See for full info.

    Robin 20 Jan 2008, 02:12 - Report
  • New VoIP Company

    We are a telecommunication provider offering a wide range of popular local and long distance calling services as well as exclusive specialty features. For new customers we offer 20% off with every purchase. Use promotion code 20OFF at checkout.

    code 20OFF 22 Jan 2008, 05:02 - Report
  • Nigeria mobile

    Hi Nigeria mobile is now 7p with i use it a lot and i get good value calls. All the people in my church now use it.

    obi 24 Feb 2008, 11:46 - Report
  • Ghana mobile

    Hi i have been told by people in my church that Ghana Mobile is also cheap with
    It is 8p per minute and also good like Nigeria mobile.

    obi 24 Feb 2008, 11:49 - Report
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    Poisporry 12 Apr 2008, 02:46 - Report
  • cheap calls to bahamas and other places

    I recently found
    I use it for NIgeria at 7p a minute. I got told about it buy my friend who calls to Kenya.All his family use it. Nigeria is very good and they list Bahamas so you could try.

    obi 23 Apr 2008, 04:22 - Report
  • pay for actual minutes used

    I tried they offer cheap international calling plans and long distance phone rates with the cheapest domestic and international calling rates. It is really cheap.

    Dannie 05 May 2008, 07:02 - Report
  • Pakistan is still 2.5p per minute 0844 323 0888

    I found a company that still shows all of Pakistan including mobile as 2.5p per minute from an 0844 number. Its I use it for Nigeria at 7p but it still shows 2.5p for Pakistan. My friend at work says it still works. The number is 0844 323 0888.

    Good luck OBI

    obi 02 Jun 2008, 08:13 - Report
  • Cheap call to Pakistan

    If you want to call Pakistan with very cheap call for only 7p/min.Just dial this number 0871 456 1003
    for (Landline & Mobile).After that destination number , including country code.For more details:-

    A Burnett 23 Jun 2008, 03:00 - Report
  • low cost international calls

    if u are looking for instant connectivity and crystal clear sound, no registration, no bills from them, no calling card and last but not least low cost calls, I would recommend I have been using it from last 7 months for making calls to bahamas, nigeria and india and till date, no issues with it.

    John Cutts 02 Jul 2008, 01:52 - Report
  • Cheap international phone calls

    Planet Numbers - - really cheap calls and good service. I have used it for months with no problems

    James 27 Aug 2008, 09:45 - Report
  • international free call number

    does anyone know a good servie provider for arranging an international free call number

    lisa 28 Nov 2008, 04:26 - Report
  • Just-Dial-UK phone card

    text 0158 to 80550 to get £5 credit, the rates of calling back your home from the UK start just 0.5p per minute. first use will get £10 calling credit by spending £5. more details please visit 06 Dec 2008, 09:26 - Report
  • reply

    cool thanks

    desire 08 Dec 2008, 04:45 - Report
  • calling india

    Use, I have just started using them and in spite of some mixed reviews I found the voice quality pretty good. I have used many Viop services lately and I found this to be the best and cheapest. $ 0.0241/min for All India Mobile and $ 0.0278/min for India Landline if you choose to use Pay As you go Plan (I would suggest this if you don't make too many calls to India which I guess most of us don't have that much time). I think this is the cheapest in the market for such a good service, with the discount the effective rate would be $0.021 for mobiles. Use the Coupon code 4646320381 and get a 10% discount over the any amount of credit you buy.

    Check this out


    Call India 10 Jan 2009, 01:58 - Report
  • Cheap International Calls from UK with 999 Phone Card

    Cheap International Calls from UK mobiles with 999 Card
    999 Top-up Phone Card - Cheap International Calls from UK mobiles

    Try our 'virtual' phone card that allows you to pre-pay for international call credit by SMS.

    Text ‘999’ to 80550 for a 5 pounds call credit

    For access dial: 020 7124 6666 (national access and included in the numbers you can call as part of your inclusive cross network free minutes).
    At the prompt, dial your international destination number (including the prefix '00'). Don't press CALL button - we'll connect you directly.
    That's it - you're connected.

    See more information at,


    999TALK 24 Mar 2009, 06:39 - Report
  • Free International Calls from a BT landline 0870 9967 999

    Free International Calls from a BT landline 0870 9967 999
    0870 996 7999 - FREE from a BT landline on weekdays

    BT has announced that, from 16th January 2009, calls to numbers starting 0845 and 0870 will be free from a BT landline at certain times. At the present time no other fixed line providers have made this offer.
    BT has stated that there is no sign up to get these calls for free and that all of their customers on a calling plan will automatically get them.
    The BT call plans that will receive free calls to access number 0870 996 7999 are:

    Unlimited Anytime Plan Free anytime (Mon-Fri) 0870 9967 999
    Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan Free in the evening (Mon-Thu 6pm to 6am, Fri 6pm to 23.59pm, Mon 0.00am to 6am) 0870 9967 999
    BT Together Local and BT Working Together Talk Free in the evening (Mon-Thu 6pm to 6am, Fri 6pm to 23.59pm, Mon 0.00am to 6am) 0870 9967 999
    BT Working Together Free anytime (Mon-Fri) 0870 9967 999
    Pay AND Call Pay & Call customers will be on either the Unlimited Weekend Plan, Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan or the Unlimited Anytime Plan - free calls to 0845 & 0870 numbers will be the same as these plans.

    What are the restrictions?
    BT have set a limit of 60 minutes duration for each call and no more than 1,000 minutes of free calls each month. They also limit the total number of free calls to 150 per month. If these limits are exceeded BT customers will automatically be charged standard BT call rates.

    For more details please visit

    Destinations allowed on 0870 996 7999 (free on weekdays* only)
    *00:00 Monday to 23:59 Friday

    Albania; Andorra; Argentina; Argentina,Buenos Aires; Argentina,Mobile; Armenia; Australia; Austria;

    Bahamas; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Bangladesh Dhaka,Mobile; Bangladesh,Dhaka; Belgium; Bermuda; Bolivia,Cochabamba; Bolivia,La Paz; Bolivia,Santa Cruz; Brazil; Brazil,Rio De Janeiro; Brazil,Sao Paulo; Brunei; Brunei,Mobile; Bulgaria;

    Canada; Chile; China; China,Mobile; Christmas Island; Colombia; Colombia,Bogota; Costa Rica; Costa Rica,Mobile; Croatia; Cyprus; Cyprus,Mobile; Cyprus,North; Czech Republic;

    Denmark; Dominican Republic;


    Finland; France; French Antilles;

    Georgia; Germany; Ghana; Gibraltar; Greece; Guadeloupe; Guam;

    Hong Kong; Hong Kong,Mobile; Hungary;

    Iceland; India; India,Mobile; Indonesia; Indonesia,Jakarta; Iran,Tehran; Iraq; Ireland; Israel; Israel,Mobile; Italy;

    Japan; Jordan;

    Korea South; Korea South,Mobile;

    Laos,Mobile; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg;

    Macao; Macao,Mobile; Malaysia; Malaysia,Mobile; Mariana Islands; Mexico; Mexico,Mexico City; Monaco;

    Netherlands; New Zealand; Nigeria; Nigeria,Lagos; Norway;

    O, P
    Panama; Paraguay,Asuncion; Peru; Peru,Lima; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico;

    Q, R
    Reunion Island; Romania; Russia; Russia,Mobile; Russia,Moscow;

    San Marino; Saudi Arabia,Jeddah; Saudi Arabia,Riyadh; Serbia And Montenegro; Singapore; Singapore,Mobile; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland;

    Taiwan; Thailand; Thailand,Bangkok; Thailand,Mobile; Turkey; Turkey,Istanbul;

    UK National; Uruguay; US Virgin Islands; USA; Uzbekistan; Uzbekistan,Mobile;

    Vatican City; Venezuela; Venezuela,Caracas;

    Zambia; Zimbabwe;

    999TALK 24 Mar 2009, 06:40 - Report
  • chirg

    This is really good phone company,
    they offer the cheapest call to India about 1.9 Cent per minute, i use with PAP2 VOIP adapter the voice quality of the call are so clear you feel like you are talking to next door , now there is a coupon to get 10% off on your order too,

    The Yupeephone Coupon code : 1119530554
    to get 10 % off your first order
    and the good thing is now they offer 120 minute free each month
    You can use local dial number to use like phonecard too,
    ...Great offer...
    Love the service...

    hig 22 Apr 2009, 09:14 - Report
  • Newcode updated

    new updated promo code for yupeephone is 7275510212
    it give you 10% discount and 120 free minnutes to call at various destination

    Hit 11 May 2009, 04:55 - Report
  • New promotional code !!!

    Hey the updated promotional code that you can use is: 1554599826 The offer is 10% discount on your charges. In addition you also get 120mins free per month

    chellam 03 Aug 2009, 10:32 - Report
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