FREE Call to Pakistan Landline and Mobile

  • From now on, your O2 Pay Monthly FREE minute can be used to Call Pakistan Landline and Mobile FOR Absolutely FREE

    just dial: 0844 904 2036 @ AnyTime

    At the prompt, dial your pakistan number in full, incl. the international code;

    (it will say that you will be charged at 4p/min, but this charged NOT apply to O2 users!)

    Completely FREE for O2 monthly


    by using your landline to call to Pakistan for ONLY 4p/min

    just dial: 0844 904 2036 @Anytime

    DIAL 0844 552 2387 to other countries except Europe and USA

    DIAL 0844 431 2154 to EUROPE and USA Only

    13 Oct 2006, 12:59 Anonymous
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  • hi


    sha 01 Jun 2007, 12:12 - Report
  • w/salam

    w/salam how are u bro

    mudasir 17 Jul 2007, 06:12 - Report
  • salaam


    santa 22 Jul 2007, 12:37 - Report
  • New method to make Cheap International calls

    Good news to Money savers

    You can make Cheap international calls using your inclusive minutes of any network,Offcourse cheap compared to calling cards and without Interuption Yes its Auto recharge from

    India + mobile - 2p
    Pakistan + mobile - 2p
    SriLanka + mobile - 4p
    Bangladesh + mobile - 5p
    Nigeria + mobile - 4p
    Europe - 1p
    Poland - 1p
    Poland mobile - 4p
    Ghana + mobile - 3p

    Just txt WORLD to 88077 and get £5 top-up(text costs £5) and make international calls,its cheap compared to calling cards.

    Landline users to call India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka :

    Use 0844 5500 000 at 5p per minute only to call Pakistan at anytime (24*7) from Landline, Easy to use and easy to remember the number its 0844 5500 000.No need of Home accounts, No Credit card ,No calling card , Just remember 0844 5500 000 or call Pakistan at national rate via 0870 144 0288.

    O2 users :

    02 pay monthly users (contracts signed before 27/04/07) dial 0844 5500 000.At the prompt, dial your International destination number - followed by # only.

    For full details, please check

    If you are Happy Tell this Good news to your Family and Friends,
    For more information and list of destination please log on & to compare mobile

    Mark 03 Aug 2007, 10:45 - Report
  • 02 charging 0844 and 0870 for all contracts

    see for the news and how to make cheap and free calls to Paksitan

    Farid 06 Sep 2007, 09:14 - Report
  • Orange Mobiles can call Pakistan FREE

    Farid 06 Sep 2007, 09:15 - Report
  • slam

    slam brothers how is ramdan going

    naveed hussain 16 Sep 2007, 01:19 - Report
  • from landline just 3p per minute to any pakistan no. its soooo simple

    Just dial 08445900303 and on prompt dial 0092.... thats it.
    i have tried and find it very simple bill is adjusted by ur landline monthly bill.

    Ibne Zafar sheffield 01 Oct 2007, 09:35 - Report
  • jst for checking


    babar 17 Oct 2007, 10:52 - Report
  • love

    hi pakistan i love you

    yaseen pandhi khan halti 18 Oct 2007, 01:50 - Report
  • hello

    how are you my brother ,where are you i am waiting your reply on mobile

    waqar 27 Oct 2007, 06:25 - Report
  • Hi

    hi salam to all

    waqar ali 31 Oct 2007, 12:05 - Report
  • O2 free calls

    Hi can anyone give me an access no to call india for free, as none of the numbers are working since yesterday Thank you

    sasi 01 Nov 2007, 02:08 - Report
  • how com i ben charged

    hi can u tal me how com i ben charg

    mohammed aqil 01 Nov 2007, 06:12 - Report
  • is this correct

    hi all isthis corecct that from o2 sim calls to pakistan is truly free, and no chargesd are to be paid?

    saayd 05 Nov 2007, 02:43 - Report
  • New number?

    Plz is there any new number through which we can call pak india with o2,??????? all old one does not wotk any more /?????

    Alia 05 Nov 2007, 04:15 - Report
  • number india

    get new num to call india plz from landline only 1p a min plz can u help ma find it!!!!!

    aneela 05 Nov 2007, 11:05 - Report
  • Caution!!!!!!!!!!

    All O2 offers for internation dialing (Paksitan and india) are stoped. Please dont dial on 0845... 0844 and 07.... numbers for international access. it will cost you alot of money

    Faisal Khan 10 Nov 2007, 03:29 - Report
  • Asslamoalikum

    Is there any one know how one can make free call to pakistan

    waheed 10 Nov 2007, 06:04 - Report
  • From 02 call Pakistan using free minutes

    All free access numbers have discontinued or blocked by 02 to call international Paksitan, Indai etc.

    Please let me know if there is any other way to call Pakistan using 02 monthly bill 800 minutes anytime any network 500 text.

    Shah 10 Nov 2007, 11:12 - Report
  • slaam

    I hav,t got any number to make free calls to pakistan but I have got 2 access number those may help any one. Call from a land to a land line in pakistan any time: dial 08448613030 listen the message then dial pakistan's number starting with 0092 and finshed with # to ring from aland line to amobile number in pakistan 08444623535. Hope some one will be benifetted by this.

    waheed 12 Nov 2007, 07:06 - Report
  • Rec. calls free from pakistan 2 Uk

    i have been using this service for quite some time, this is a very cheap package introduced by my pakistani friend, "24 Hours free trail"

    PLAN 1=Pakistan Land line to Land line Rs.2000/= per month)
    Dedicated Pakistani Local number
    Call forward to your Landline/Mobile*
    Receive unlimited calls
    PLAN 2=Pakistan land line to Land line Rs.1000/= per month)
    Shared Pakistani Local number
    Call forward to your Landline/Mobile*
    Limited 1000 incoming minutes
    Call from 2 numbers only
    1.50 RS per minute after 1000 minutes
    List of Available Local No.s Coverage in pakistan
    (21) Karachi (22) Hyderabad (233) Mirpur Khaas (235) Sanghar (242) Naushero Feroze (244)Nawab Shah (25) Dadu (297) Badin (298) Thatta (41) Faisalabad (42) Lahore (454) Joharabad (459) Mianwali (46)Toba Tek Singh (47) Chiniot (48) Sargodha (49) Kasur (51) Islamabad (52) Sialkot (53) Gujrat (546) Mandi Bahauddin (55) Gujranwala (586) Mir Pur (Ajk) (587) Rawala Kot (588) Muzaffarabad (62) Bahawal Pur (63) Bahawal Nagar (64) Dera Ghazi khan (66) Muzaffargarh (67) Vehari (682) Jamal Din Wali (71) Sukkur (722) Jaccobabad (726) Shikarpur (74) Larkana (81) Quetta (833) Ahmadun (838) Jaffarabad/Nasirabad (853) Lasbela (91) Peshawar (923) Jahangira (937) Kalam (938) Chota Lahore (942) Dassu
    (946) Swat (992) Abbotabad (61) Multan
    and your calls will forward to following countries(Landline and Mobiles*) . Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium,. Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia ,Finland France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong (+mobile) Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Poland Portugal Puerto Rico +mobile) Russian Federation Singapore (+mobile) Slovenia South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand (+mobile) United Kingdom United States (+mobile)
    .* Ring to Mobile number will only allow to Canada, Hong Kong, Puerto Rice, Singapore, Thailand and United States
    How It Works Example (Karachi land line to UK land line)
    Example You live in London (UK) and your home landline number is 02070 323232. You have been aloted a local no by us example (021 2101234.)Your family in karachi will dial 2101234 and call will ring to you landline number 02070 323232 in London (UK). Caller in Lahore will be charge as Local call and free if you are calling from GO CDMA
    ** You will be Awarded 3 Months free Unlimited calls after introducing 10 Members.
    *** 24 Hours free trail
    Fill up the form below and send at You will receive an e-mail with a local no. and with your requested no.

    Country…………………Date of Birth……………………………………………..
    Your E-mail………………………………Your landline No with aria code………………….. Forward to Land Phone With country code………………with Reference…………………..

    Fahad 13 Nov 2007, 12:11 - Report
  • Cheap calls to Pakistan mobile - now just 1p per minute!

    Hi, just a quick announcement - Cherry Call now offers a new service: SMS prepay from your mobile phone - this will let you call Pakistan mobiles for just 1p a minute! Visit for details of this great offer.

    Robin 15 Nov 2007, 05:39 - Report
  • about free access number

    what is result for free access number

    m.asif 16 Nov 2007, 09:57 - Report
  • Thanks Fahad

    i have got a local number of karachi and now i am recieving calls on my mobile, Its working man. i have sent an email and thay first gives me a karachi number for 24 hours for trail and now i have paid them and its working Great Great Great..........................

    aamir 20 Nov 2007, 04:55 - Report
  • hi

    good pm

    naveed 21 Nov 2007, 11:14 - Report
  • Call FREE India, Pakistan From Orange & O2 CPW Contract !

    Make Free International Calls by using your free any network minutes with Orange & O2 Carphone Warehouse Contract. You can make Free International calls to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Iran, France, Poland, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, Belgium, Ireland, Netherland, Italy, Australia, Panama, USA, Canada and many other countries.

    You can also dial 0800 and 0845 uk Directory Enquirey free from your orange mobile through this number. Just do the step below.

    Creat a new text message with the following text:

    Noodle Stars

    and send it to the following number:


    You will receive couple of text messages in few seconds one with a mobile number starting with 078223 xxxxx exclusive to you. Just dial that number and then the full International number you want to dial. Please remember that this number will only work with the phone you sent text from. If you want to make Free International calls from another phone you have to send the same text from that phone as well and you will get different number for that.

    Please note that some countries you can only call Monday - Friday (All Day) and some (8am-6pm) and some anytime. So it best you try this durning the week daytime before 6:00pm.

    Imran 22 Nov 2007, 03:45 - Report
  • call pakistan less than 1 p from ur landline

    hi any 1 wanna make call to less than 1 panny contect me u can make free calls to uk land line

    khan 24 Nov 2007, 09:34 - Report
  • call pakistan less than 1 penny from ur landline

    hi guys if any 1 wanna call pakistan with less than 1penny contect me and u can also make uk landline free calls

    khan 24 Nov 2007, 09:37 - Report
  • free calls

    sir i want to free mobiles calls in pakistan how can its possible

    adeel malik 26 Nov 2007, 08:47 - Report
  • mobile calls to pakistan

    hi adil,
    where are you now and where you want to dial from your mobile ?

    fahad 04 Dec 2007, 06:26 - Report
  • Hi Adeel


    use to call Pakistan free happy

    Fahsal 04 Dec 2007, 03:49 - Report
  • salam

    im alina ihave mobile but ihave no balance plz send me 1000 card.

    alina.03002863498 04 Dec 2007, 06:07 - Report
  • i love pakistan

    hi my brother . i m zuli from europe i m fine and good . i m lokinge for the free call . from pakistn.

    zulfiqar ali 05 Dec 2007, 12:08 - Report
  • Cheap calls to Pakistan

    Hi, the cheapest calls to Pakistan can be found here:

    The price is 2.5p per minute at all times from a BT landline. Just dial 0844 323 0181

    Simon 11 Dec 2007, 09:50 - Report
  • call me plz

    main pakistani bacha hoon plz koi pakistani bachi call me argent 03005328876

    sulman 12 Dec 2007, 05:20 - Report


    SHAHID AHMED 13 Dec 2007, 06:52 - Report
  • Call from Dubai to Karachi

    Hi!!!! Is there anyone who can guide me to call from Dubai to Karachi for free or for very cheaper rates. My ID is . Thank you very much and have a nice day. This is Shahid Ahmed from Dubai, U.A.E.

    Shahid Ahmed 16 Dec 2007, 06:18 - Report
  • bad news

    on 15th of December orange bloked all free access numbrs

    sani 24 Dec 2007, 10:20 - Report
  • read this

    Sani 28 Dec 2007, 07:44 - Report
  • free calls to pakistan

    brothers and sisters,



    QADRI 29 Dec 2007, 11:56 - Report
  • Put up an absolutely free number!

    Is there any access number or something where O2 n Orange customers can call Pakistan free??? So no need to pay &5 top up just a number that can be used from the inclusive minutes if such site is available share with us all!

    Raja Jani 31 Dec 2007, 12:40 - Report
  • free call

    kia procedure ha free call karne ka? plz koi detail se bata sakta ha to plz tell me

    saad 01 Jan 2008, 07:08 - Report
  • 3G

    is there any free number to call pakistan from 3G

    amz 04 Jan 2008, 02:32 - Report
  • Call to Pakistan

    Some one try this one 1p landl. and 2p pak mob.???

    Tm 17 Jan 2008, 10:40 - Report
  • shahid

    plaece tell me how can i m use

    00971503470047 30 Jan 2008, 01:42 - Report
  • call

    how , 1p min for pakistan

    aqeel 03 Feb 2008, 12:06 - Report
  • I Want free calls in Pakistan

    Hi and how ru all?
    i hope u will be fine and good.
    How can i make a free call from my Mobile to Network's?
    If this possible plz inform me

    Aftab Aslam 08 Feb 2008, 11:40 - Report

    hi,this UMER BAJWA from GREAT PAKISTAN,yar dont b fool about this given number bcoz "koi b cheez mufat nhi milti ess dunia mien"

    UMER BAJWA(SARGODHA) 08 Feb 2008, 04:32 - Report
  • Salam

    Since 15th December 07, Orange has started charging all the call forwarding numbers and none of the new free no's are available yet.
    I have paid about 378 GBP to orange as I continued calling 'coz I did'nt know the fact.

    Mian 14 Feb 2008, 02:16 - Report
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