mobile phones with best calling rates for Pakistan

  • I have just arrived in London. can anyone advised me about best deal for Pakistan

    28 Sep 2005, 03:26 Anonymous
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  • use inclusive minutes

    if you have O2 or Orange mobile with loads of free inclusive minutes, here you can find out how to use them and make free international calls blunk

    Anonymous 25 Jan 2006, 05:15 - Report
  • Cheap calls to Pakistan

    If you want to use inclusive minutes from a o2 or orange mobile call: 07744974904, but if you have a landline only call: 0871 305 4904 and its charged at 9p per minute, which is an excellent rate to pakistan.

    Anonymous 17 Apr 2006, 12:30 - Report
  • pakistan 6p

    call pakistan for 6p per minute 0871 805 0049 from a landline. also has number to call if you have inclusive minutes on your orange mobile 07744 700 034

    Anonymous 27 May 2006, 09:30 - Report
  • Free calls to Pakistan and India

    Good News to India and Pakistan caller(O2 users) from
    We got New !!!! number to call INDIA and Pakistan cell and landline for O2 offpeak and peak users where you can dial Mon-fri at anytime.

    Just Dial 0870 144 0288(then enter your destination number that it) ,free from O2 and 4p from landline(still better than buying calling cards if you use from landline).
    Its an Excellent and Permanent number feed this number in your mobile and spread to all your friends and families and make us to improve service for you.

    In the weekends dial 0871 511 6002 in the weekends at 6p from landline(still cheaper than the compared to market).
    If any suggestions please let us know to improve the services.
    Check the updates in the site.

    Anonymous 03 Jun 2006, 12:00 - Report
  • Unlimited calls from Pakistan to UK


    I am using it and this service provides you Unlimited calls from Pakistan. You will forget about using calling cards once you signup as they provide free minuted to pakistan too with the serivce.

    Anonymous 11 Jun 2006, 08:46 - Report
  • Use your mobile to call Pakistan for 1p a minute

    Hi, Cherry Call has just launched a new service where you can call mobiles in Pakistan, from your mobile phone for just one pence per minute (1p/min).

    Visit for full details.

    Robin James 24 Nov 2007, 08:56 - Report
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