• Does anyone know much about the G8 demonstrations coming up?

    22 Jun 2005, 03:46 Anonymous
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  • Dissent

    You mean the stuff Geldorf's planning to piss off the politicians in Edimburgh?

    You can find some info here:


    Anonymous 23 Jun 2005, 10:51 - Report
  • Concerts

    And what about the concerts? I've heard a fair bit about the Hyde Park concert. Someone also mentioned there was one going on in Edinburgh, but who's going to be playing there?? Surely there aren't any decent singers left!!

    Anonymous 23 Jun 2005, 11:30 - Report
  • performers

    Travis, texas, annie lennox, Daniel & Natasha Beadingfield, The Thrills and Damon Albarn are the main performers that I know will be performing there. The concert's going to be on Wednesday July 6th, at Murrayfield Stadium. Should be immense, and is free!! But does anyone know if it is still possible to buy tickets? Even if on the black mkt.

    Anonymous 29 Jun 2005, 03:55 - Report
  • What gr8 concerts (sorry)

    How great were the concerts last Saturday. Hyde Park, London was spectacular. This really is a cause that deserves unique attention at the summitt. I know the anarchists are getting all the press at the moment, but if Chirac doesn't agree for the EU's ridiculous agricultural subsidies to be immediately scrapped then perhaps that is the way protests should turn.. In South Africa, to beat apartheid the protestors had to turn to violence. Although some might think the cause completely different, I don't think 50000 people starving a day as insignificant. I just hope that the consciences of the 8 leaders at Gleneagles don't make violent protests the only recourse for campaigners.

    Anonymous 06 Jul 2005, 07:21 - Report
  • Conclusions

    What decisions were actually made in the end at the G8 summitt? The conclusions seem to have been somewhat overshadowed by the London bombings.

    Anonymous 14 Jul 2005, 12:14 - Report
  • Climate change + aid

    Essentially some progress was made on reducing greehouse gas emissions (even the US agreed), and aid targets were increased along with a scrapping of much of Africa's debts. Not much more could have been expected or hoped for. Most important thing now is that the EU scraps its CAP, which would (especially if reciprocated by the US) save many more lives in Africa than the promised increases in aid.

    Anonymous 18 Jul 2005, 03:34 - Report
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