Spouse Visa

  • I don't know where to start. I am married to a British Citizen and am not going to mail my documents in until a week and a half from now. What is the longest it will take if I hit peak time? They say 5 to 10 business days, but I am still worried. How strict is the UK embassy? MY husband and I don't have savings, but he is employed and we are not seeking public funds. Do I have a chance?

    16 Oct 2007, 10:09 Lily
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  • just Got Married

    After a 2 year relationship I married my Persian Queen in November 2008 and applied for her settlement visa. Does anyone know how long it takes for the consolate in Istanbul to issue a settlement visa for the UK - the web site states within 12 weeks, every case is different, my wifes application has been at the consolate for 4 weeks, I would be interested in hearing from anybody with regards to the clearance time etc.

    BJM 02 Dec 2008, 12:20 - Report
  • settlement visa for uk

    hi ,
    I am rajen from nepal.I am married with ILE holder 2 years ago? i applied for uk settlement visa 35 days ago.I have shown all requirement documents. but i don't know ,what is the commen time to decide my visa ?and as a result, can i assure that the visa is possible ? how long will it take to decise my visa ?plz repaly me very fast.
    from nepal

    Rajen 05 Dec 2008, 05:30 - Report
  • hello u arit?

    wat i want to ask is i am an overstayer in uk i came back to go there the lagal way i am married with british citizen havin a kid how can i go bak is it possible for a over stayer who stay abot 2 years in uk nd got married in pakistan

    mian zoahib 06 Dec 2008, 11:54 - Report
  • hello u arit?

    i am married to british citizen am havin baby i over stay in uk for ma girl friend now i come bak to pakistan to go ther the lagal way is it possible

    zohaib 07 Dec 2008, 12:34 - Report
  • spouse visas

    need sum help my soon tobe husband is in india at moment we are getting married next month how long does it take to get visas sorted and get him back to uk,,,

    karen 07 Dec 2008, 01:39 - Report
  • Not sure if I wish to let husband have indefinite leave

    I am UK born & my husband is Indian, he is on his 2 year spouse visa, runs out in few months. Initially things ok.. but lately not sure if his intentions are are to stay or leave me after has leave to remain here. I dont want to let him have his indefinite leave to remain could I simply apply to extend his visa [another 2 years]to see what his intentions are? [I know he will pass the English test.]

    Gurpreet 08 Dec 2008, 04:14 - Report
  • visitor visa.

    my name Hamid i have two year multipal visit visa, just got married in uk,can i convert my visit visa to other.

    Hamid 09 Dec 2008, 01:17 - Report
  • need help pls

    iam a moroccon citizenship wana get married from a pakistani guy who is brish citizenship he wants to settle in uae i would like to know pls am i able to get residence visa to uae?can we live there as long as we can?and how long it will takes to get uk spouse visa???

    nadia10 15 Dec 2008, 04:49 - Report
  • spouse visa

    i have married a turkish man and due to personal reasons am unable to stay in turkey any longer we wish to apply for a spouse visa to enable me (a uk citizen) and my husband to live in UK i understand tha we have to be able to support ourselves and this is no problem and we will be able to rent s place to live without a problem in the mean time we can temporarily stay at my parents home but reading all the blurb makes me nervous of applying as it all seems so very difficult. Am i correct in assuming that once we have sufficient funds and a place to stay we should really have no problems in obtaining the intial 2 year visa

    lianne & burak 15 Dec 2008, 06:10 - Report
  • hey

    i got married to a man from pakistan he has come 2 uk, but since he has arrived he has totally changed from what he was when i was in pakistan with him i dnt want him 2 get his settlement here seems like that is all he is after, what shall i do? i want a divorce before the 2years are up, if i did then what will happen. please help me!!

    asma 26 Dec 2008, 12:05 - Report
  • hey

    HELP ME ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    asma 26 Dec 2008, 12:07 - Report
  • NO indefinite visa for husband

    If you do not want your husband to have an indefinite leave to remain (indefinite visa) then its entirely your choice and you do not have to explain to anyone why you have made such a decision.
    The simple thing to do is, not to sign his application for indefinate visa and not to hand over your passport to him. If you fear that your husband or your family will forge your signature, then you can go to your local MP and explain him/her the situation and they will immediately write to the home office explaining your wish and your husband will not be able to obtain indefinite visa.

    Asim 29 Dec 2008, 11:34 - Report
  • visa issuance times

    It totally depends on which country or post you are applying in. some countries it takes 5 days, and in other countries like India or pakistan, it takes about 12 weeks.

    Asim 29 Dec 2008, 11:36 - Report
  • pregnant girl

    you get nothing for that, lol

    Asim 29 Dec 2008, 11:41 - Report
  • Worried about visa application.......

    I am UK citezen (male) and have lived with a Turkish guy for over 6 years now in Turkey. Cos my daughter was pregnant with her 2nd child I have come back to be with them, since my return my mum is ill and we found out Xmas eve that my brother has cancer !!!! My partner has all the neccassary documents for his application,I work he has job offers I have got a nice house, money OK if it was not for all the fees I am paying... We have applied for a same sex partner visa (2 year settlement) !!!!! What are our chances and how soon.... we are desperate to be together again, this is the 1st time we have been apart in all those years and its making us ill !!! any advice will help....

    Desperately Lonely 30 Dec 2008, 04:27 - Report
  • spouse visa

    i am a 22 year old british citizen who got married a year ago to a 29 year old in pakistan.i have started working and i have 12 weekly pay slips,i have a bank account and i am living wid my parents.my parents are willing to accomodate me and my husband widout charging us any rent.i am also 6 months pregnant and i want my husband to come here as soon as possible.am i eligible to apply for my husband?

    sofia 03 Jan 2009, 01:36 - Report
  • voilent partner

    your husband can only have his visa extended on the basis that he remains married to you and you wish for his visa to be extended. if you are unable to declare openly that you do not want his visa extended, then you need to consider getting in touch with the the granting home office. you can explain that you are being forced to apply for the visa extension and ask for this to remain confidential.
    its worth a try.
    i wish you all the best and will prayer for you.

    rania 05 Jan 2009, 08:36 - Report
  • public funds and visitor visa for marriage


    I am British and my fiance will apply for special visitor visa for marrige.I rely on housing benefit and council tax benefit.how does my situation effect his application?

    meliz 07 Jan 2009, 12:42 - Report
  • to asma

    you can divorce him. just do not sign for his indef. leave nor give your passport to him. Then he will leave UK at end of his visa.

    gurpreet 10 Jan 2009, 05:05 - Report
  • Can i able to full time work for spouse visa?

    Can i able to full time work for spouse visa?

    Siddharth 13 Jan 2009, 06:30 - Report
  • marriage visa

    Im from estonia but holder of alien passport means im not a citizen of any country.Im married to british citizen for two months now,weve been together for year.originall heś from Jersey,Channel Islands currently lives in London.Hes full time employed,working for a great law firm in London,no public funds,no own property but rents.we met here in estonia,but never thought about being together,until i got tourist visa to uk with my friends for a holiday,so we got togehter with my husband now,fell in love started living together at his flat that he rents,i didnt work as i was not allowed due being on tourist visa.i wnt back to estoni month n half before my visa had to expire.in two month we applied for student visa so we could be together also i could study we sumbit all the documenbt but got refused due not having enough of financial to support this application,later 3 motnhs we applied for tourist visa again so we could be together n meet his parents at least for a while a sbeinf appart n seein eachother only once in 6 weeks is hard v hard,got refused again for tourus visa as they didnt see the reaosn why i should go to the uk also didnt belive i would come back,once he came here to visit me he purposed of course i said yes,in two month we got married,now we applied for settlement visa as a wife,we submitted,hpone bills,hes flights over here,photos,cards we sent to eachother on eahc holiday,our letters,marriage ceritifcate,birth cert,my document that i currently work in my country,his bank statemnens,payslips etc,though he doesnt have much money on his bank account as he payes for the fight etc,and we did write as explanation in his letter reasons y.we r thinking to send to brit embassy additional documents,but thinking of emails though will be thousands of them is it nessecary.??what els eu think we can submit as evidence to make sure that we r in the best possible position?please help ..thanks alot..

    Anna 16 Jan 2009, 10:07 - Report
  • i am on a spouse visa but w are not living together

    i am a young lady who came to the uk on a spouse visa, i was given a 4 mont work permit dependant which was later extended for another 3 years. my husband and i had problems and we seperated 2 years ago. i have no contact of him, my visa expiresin september, can i renew it by myself?

    mieshel 16 Jan 2009, 01:44 - Report
  • Answer my questions

    AM Ali from Pakistan,i got married with my cousin and she is british national, she has job there and rent a house for me when i will join her, i am afraid that how i will pass the english Test of UK embassy and what procedure should i follow to for sure Visa granted and what step i take to got the Visa.

    Anybody help me in this matter and anyone know about the English language Test for pakistani.. plz help me

    Ali 16 Jan 2009, 05:19 - Report
  • married to a US citizen but wanna void it & be married to a British citizen

    hi im currently married to a US citizen.however before i met this US citizen i had a relationship w/ this british citizen & we have a daughter now. I & this british citizen wanna get married for the sake of our daughter. will it be possible? do i need to have my present marriage void 1st before I & this british citizen decide to get married here in the PHils?

    kim 20 Jan 2009, 04:23 - Report
  • uk residency

    I am indian girl.i marrid to one indian britise cityson person then i come in hear 3 jun 07.i got 2 years spous visa.i got visa 22 march 07 to 22 march 09.now my visa is nearly finise so i want to know what i spos to do? Shel i applay for permenant residency? or visa? Can you pleas give me a advayse.Thank you

    seema 24 Jan 2009, 01:36 - Report
  • need help

    iam british born i want to merry my boyfriend who in uk on student visa. we want to get married in uk his student visa for past 3 and half year. his visa will expire in july 2009 we want to get married in uk what we need to do? is he have to bak to pakistan if we merry here in uk then i apply for his spouse visa or he can stay with me in uk as a husband. we both have clean record. do i have to work fulltime to get opproval certifcate?coz im working patime living with partents.he also work partime aswel. pls help me

    miss shazia 26 Jan 2009, 02:52 - Report
  • council housing

    can apply for council housing if your husband is on a 2 year spousal visa?

    sam 27 Jan 2009, 07:08 - Report
  • About my married

    my fiance was married b4 but now divorce we are planing to get married in our country, we meet through my sister in uk since then we are in love,she is a student in uk but had indefinate stay and im a security guards,pls is there any chance fo us me a settlement visa in nigeria,but she is not working as a full time student and she is taking busary.

    kola amodu 29 Jan 2009, 09:17 - Report
  • Sex offender marry here with polish girl

    Hi there I m student here and last year I been charged for sex offence with girl and court proved me guilty now I have plan to marry with polish girl can u just help me to find out isant easy for me to marry with her .... Or what type of documents I need for marriage or isabe home office give me visa or not ...,,.. Plzzzzzz email me

    Mani 30 Jan 2009, 09:14 - Report
  • help

    Dear sir/madam

    i tried to make my application online for spouse visa,but i found very hard questions i couldnt answer it

    1- Purpose of Applicatication? settlement its easy ok then....

    2- type of your application? husband or marriage or wife or civil partner..... i confused am husband.

    i picked up husband but and i dont have any children but he cames with question about the children and i couldnt through it because you have to choose answer and i answered before that no children will travel with me and i dont have any children so i stopped?

    i picked up marriage things went well then i found question

    when your sponser arrive to the uk?

    and when she does get this permission?

    shes born in uk and he needs date i cant cancel or ignore the question.

    now what i have to do chosse husband or marriage

    and what about this questions


    Tamer Said

    Tamer Said 02 Feb 2009, 01:33 - Report
  • UK Spouse visa

    This is Sandeep Kumar, The point is my wife wants to study in UK Post graduation programme in any good university in UK as the education is good, recognised etc,. She wants to study science. Wher admissions are open in aug/09. I want to accompany her as i dont want her to be alone.. i want to come to UK along with her on spouse visa. Am 24 years of age. can i surely get Student dependant spouse visa? Or any chances of rejection? What all documents i hve to submit? showing the required fund is not a problem..? i heard UK Embassy is now a days rejecting spouse visas... i need a reason... i need a proper documentation... All consultancies are dealing with only student visa... where can i apply for spouse visa? Am from Hyderabad, please help me

    Please reply to my mail ID
    Thaking You.
    Sandeep Kumar.

    Sandeep Kumar. 02 Feb 2009, 02:49 - Report
  • how long more i ll have to wait to be with my husband

    hi there my name is maria ali and reason to write msge to get to know how long ll it take for me to be with my husband its already been nearly three years for me to not to have him here with me in uk please i request u to help me i raely wanna be with him as soon as possible as its my right his name is kashif mahmood resides in pakistan.I ll be desperately waiting for ur answer

    maria ali 04 Feb 2009, 04:25 - Report
  • 2 yers spouse visa uk

    I am marred to an UK citizen and when I applied for a marred visa the home office give me two years visa
    So I would like to know what is my right in the UK .
    And as you know the home office give me 2 years spouse visa is that mean I am able to study for free whit this visa

    Adam 04 Feb 2009, 07:41 - Report
  • after permit visa

    hi i been married 4 3 years my husband came to uk 2 years ago.i have a 14 months son.my husband got the permit stay on the 8th/01/2009 but he had forced me.he has always been voilet with me and my child.after he got the permit stay 2 weeks later he left me and my son with no reason.i do have prove that he just used me.but i want to know can i do anything to stop him to came back to uk.plz help me

    nazia 06 Feb 2009, 07:54 - Report
  • visa isues

    my husband has a spouse visa already it runs out in may 2010 we want to go bk to south africa for 6 months for the world cup but want to retune after the holiday does he need a visa to return as he has a britsh born son as well

    eve 10 Feb 2009, 03:02 - Report
  • Spouse Visa

    Hallo, I am a Pakistani National and my wife is Polish National.We get married in Spain and i have Spanish Residency card for 5 years.My wife got a job in UK and we are planning to move there.What will be the procedure for me to get visa.how long does it take and which type of visa i will get for how long.Please help !!

    Adnan Khan 17 Feb 2009, 09:18 - Report
  • Hello,

    I am in exactly the same position..Just started to work after long illness..I will have a few payslips when we apply..but no P60 Hoping to have decent bank balance (well decent to me after many years on benifits) How will I stand as sponsor to settlement Visa? Interesting hope someone can help here.

    Mick Hannant 18 Feb 2009, 08:22 - Report
  • spouse visa

    hi my name is sameer i applyed for my wife uk visa im british im working full time i send my all paper to british high commision to islamabad i want to no how long its take for thank you if u let me friends

    sameer 20 Feb 2009, 03:37 - Report
  • spousal visa processing times

    i'm a us citizen, married for 2 1/2 years to a british citizen (he's been living in the states with me on a spousal visa issued by the us govt since then). i looked into the processing times that are published on the ukvisas.gov.uk website and determined that (because i believed them to be true) we would be fine if i applied in early feb 09. we have already told our employers that we are leaving our jobs at the end of march, told our landlord that we are moving out, booked passage on a ship that leaves on the 14th of april from new york, etc etc. all of our paperwork SHOULD be in order. we have 7,300 pounds in savings in the uk, i am an attorney and have an extensive cv, my husband and i have other savings in the us, he can teach in the uk, we sent cvs, job offer letters he got, marriage certificate, our leases, letters from friends and our landlords stating they know we live together and are a genuine couple, about 400 photos from our years of marriage, letters sent to us at our address, all of our bank statements, print outs and letters from our employers showing income for at least the last six months, birth certificates, a certified true copy of his us spousal visa (so that they would know that the us already went through everything and determined that our marriage was true and genuine), and even more.
    i've been in contact with a solicitor in the uk who deals with this sort of thing and he said that it should take 3-4 weeks. i've read on here that some people's applications are taking 60 days. i know that we put the cart before the horse in our planning but i was trusting the stats that the uk govt published. if it takes 60 days we'll be homeless, jobless and lose the money we spent for travel.
    can anyone tell me how long this REALLY takes? are the people who have been waiting months coming in from somewhere else? are they just problem cases? the waiting is already driving me crazy and the prospect of waiting 60 days has me so full of anxiety i'm ready to throw myself into oncoming traffic.
    please, someone tell me how long a straightforward (i think it is) settlement spousal visa from the us to the uk should take (it went to the LA office).
    thank you so much.
    even if it's bad news, i just can't handle the not knowing.

    nola 21 Feb 2009, 07:01 - Report
  • People...

    First off... I am a South African and live with my husband in the UK on a spouse visa. When I wanted to get married to him in the UK, I had to apply for a visa which allowed me to go to the UK to get married to him. For this I needed R12000,00 or the equivalent to £1000.00 roughly so you can show them that you can support yourself for the first three months. I am not allowed to claim benefits, so think before having a child or anything when you do get to the UK. Personally, see how the relationship goes. I didn't marry so that I can get into the UK. I married to be with someone I love. But we have had trouble in our marriage and it seems to be breaking down, so in my case all that we will do is not apply for indefinite leave to remain and I will leave this coming August 2009 to go back to South Africa.

    As far as application processes go, it takes up to 2 months or more for visas to go through to get to the UK. Never plan ahead since you will be disappointed and will end up losing money in the end. At the immigration control when you enter UK they will question you and it can take up to three hours before you get questioned, so do not make any immediate travel plans.

    Although the UK government states that visas are done within a certain time frame, it rarely happens.Other factors need to be considered like your own country for example. It may be easy for the british government to get things sorted, but your own country could take days, weeks or months extra to complete the documentation.

    Sarah 22 Feb 2009, 05:03 - Report
  • spouse visa

    Hi i am a british citizen married to a turkish man we applied for a uk visa in january and i no it can take anything upto 12 weeks to get visa but i was just wondering if there is anyone who has recently applied for uk visa from istanbul visa application centre...Also i was wondering do u get a phone call to tell you whether you have been granted visa or does your passport just get returned to you with or without visa. Because we havent heard a word. We were given a tracking number to track were our application is during process it has said same thing for past 5 weeks...Any information will be helpful. thanks

    sam 22 Feb 2009, 10:41 - Report
  • Sarah...

    Thanks for your help but I think that there might be a difference in our situations. There is nothing that MY government has to do to facilitate the decision making process as far as my visa to the UK goes. Even the British Government in the email they sent me said that it would take a MAXIMUM of 60 days and that it usually takes between 20 and 30 days (although they aim for less). I think that perhaps the difference in our applications has to do with the fact that I am not applying for a fiancee visa. I applied for a spousal visa. My husband and I have been married for over 2 years and have lived together since the day we were married (before that, in fact). Going from the US to the UK is not the same as going from South Africa to the UK. I know that it takes a long time for some people and for some it takes less. I've been talking to some people on another forum who have had to apply to the same Embassy that I did and it has taken anywhere from 5 working days to 23 working days for them to hear back. In one case it took 59 working days but apparently his application was not complete and he was asked to submit more information.
    I thank you for your help and advice but I think that our situations are quiet different. Having been involved with my husband for 5 years I think I can judge when we're ready to have children and how the relationship will go. I know that you're just trying to help but I'm not a newlywed. I was simply wondering if there was anyone other US national who had applied to the Los Angeles office and when they might have gotten a response. Thanks again and good luck.

    nola 23 Feb 2009, 08:41 - Report
  • jamal uddin

    hello im a british citezen i recently married in bangladesh and i wanted 2 apply for my wife 2 come over can i do the application from here for her and send it to dhaka embassy with the fee and her docoments if i can do that where do i get this form

    jamal 05 Mar 2009, 02:18 - Report
  • i want to live with my husband!

    hi! me nd my husband got married 6 months ago .. he is 22 nd ill be 22 in a couple of months .. he is studying at the momoent and completing his degree in the uk and working there as well. he wants to live and work in the uk after completing his degree. i live and study here in pakistan and want to live my husband desperately. what can both of us do?
    can someone plzz help??

    michel 06 Mar 2009, 10:00 - Report
  • my visa got rejected

    hello, i got married in august 2007 my wifes visa got rejected because i messed up on the questions over the phone, i didnt no the date i got married and my wifes d.o.b, also they dont believe i was working they think i provided fake, so i neva appealed the case. im not working, because it is hard to find work. do u fink my previous application will effect the new one im gonna do? wot shal i do?

    zahid 07 Mar 2009, 07:43 - Report
  • Appeal for Spouse Visa


    I got refuse from UK BHC Islamabad Pakistan on 12-02-2009 and now tell me how much time appeal will take thanks.

    Hayat 08 Mar 2009, 09:01 - Report
  • Advice on Spousal Visa/ Divorce


    I am currently in the UK on a spousal visa, my hsusband and i have been seperated for 6 months now and will be divorced later this year. I am just needing to know if i will be able to stay in the UK independantly as i am working full time and financially supportingh myself. Please help

    LisaC 11 Mar 2009, 12:47 - Report
  • dependent vis work rules

    My husband is pursuing post graduate degree in UK. I intend to join him by this year end. Since I am will be on dependent visa will I be eligible for a work permit in UK?

    Tania B 13 Mar 2009, 04:48 - Report
  • spouse settlement Visa

    I am a UK citizen (by birth) living in Bangladesh. I am married for 3 yrs and doing a Job here. Now I am planning to move to UK. If I want to apply for a settlement VISA for my spouse, what are the preconditions for that and what are the Prerequisite tasks after going there to make myself eligible to apply for my spouse? Is there anything that my spouse can do to add up some benefit in this regards?

    Bon 14 Mar 2009, 07:50 - Report
  • spousal settlement visa

    i wrote a few weeks ago questioning how long the process would take as my husband and i had already made travel plans based on what our solicitor had told us. i was told (see the response on the previous page) that it would take months and i should not have made any arrangements. well, yesterday after 27 working days i got my email approving my visa. it came in the mail today. we couldn't be happier. everything can move along as scheduled.

    my advice to you is to go to the ukvisas.gov.uk website and follow what they say TO THE LETTER. just to let you know what we sent in...
    my application
    my biometrics
    my old and new passports
    certified true copies of my husband's old and new passports
    our birth certificates
    our marriage certificate
    a certified true copy of his spousal settlement visa to the US (he is a British national)
    certified true copies of our state ids (drivers licenses)
    his last 6 months of payslips and a letter from his employer
    my last 6 months payslips and a letter from my employer
    his cv, job offers in the uk, his uni transcripts
    my cv, letters of reference from former employers, a letter of good standing from the bar association (i am a lawyer)
    6 months of statement from MY checking account
    6 months of statements from HIS checking account
    6 months from our JOINT savings
    6 months from his UK savings account showing over 7,000 pounds in savings
    our current and past leases with letters from our landlords stating that they know that we resided there together
    letters mailed to us at our addresses (anything- cards, bills, even junk mail)
    our joint dental insurance card
    a letter from his parents saying that we could stay with him until we found a place of our own
    letters addressed to his father and mother at their home proving that they actually reside there
    their mortgage statements proving that they own the home
    letters from our friends attesting to their knowledge of our relationship from when we started dating in 2005 (we married in 2006) to the present
    over 400 photographs, all written on explaining who each person was and what the event was (our wedding, holidays, dinner parties, various celebrations, random times that we just happened to take photos...all clearly dated). i think that this was very important as there were photos of my husband with my father and siblings, with my friends, me with his friends, us clearly traveling together, him with my SISTER'S in-laws... it would have taken an army of people to fake those photos and they clearly were not.
    letters from both of us to the visa clearance officer explaining why it was best that my husband return to the UK and why i felt that I could not be parted from him.
    proof of payment of transport to the uk so that they would know that we would not need to use the savings in any way to get to the uk.

    i think that that was about it (as if that wasn't enough!). we sent them EVERYTHING we had...everything that we knew showed that we were a real couple. it sounds like you have a good case (they really want you to be married for over 2 years). you NEED savings. you NEED a place to live. you NEED to be able to prove that you won't have to rely on public funds. she needs to state that she doesn't want to go to the UK to work, she wants to go to the UK to be with YOU. that is of great importance. you don't want them thinking that she's in it to get a job. they want to hear that she is going for love and love alone.
    good luck to you (and start carrying your camera with you EVERYWHERE you go- take photos of the most mundane events... it shows that you eat together, that you spend time with friends together... that's what a real couple does. that's what they want to see).

    good luck everyone!! i'm not saying that yours will come as simply as mine (although i was VERY stressed a couple of weeks ago) but if you make sure you give them EVERYTHING it WILL work out.

    nola 18 Mar 2009, 12:46 - Report
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