waiting time after uk visa appeal is allowed?

  • Hi! i applied for uk spouse visa in april,08 which was unfortunately refused with the right to appeal. I went into appeal which was allowed in nov 08. My papers were then sent to islamabad british embassy. I have been confirmed that they reached here on 19th jan. now m in queue. I will be contacted when my turn comes. I was wondering if anyone else is in the same position. How long does it take from here? Is there any way it can be fast tracked from here? Its been almost a year and my visa is still in pending...would appreciate an advice or experience...thanks

    27 Jan 2009, 09:04 ash
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  • appeal

    this may take up to 5 months or more, once the appeal is accepted youll be notified through post mail, that your appeal is allowed and accepted, you dont have to do anything after this, as they will sent this decision back to islamabad, and the embassy will contact you.

    butterfly 06 Apr 2009, 05:31 - Report
  • My sisters visa- appeal allowed

    My sisters visa was rejected in May08 and then appeal was allowed in nov08. We recived the letter on 7 nov 08 after that no news from islambad embassy. We have tried to contact several times.
    Can you share any information on how to know where we stand. or any other way to check islamabad embassy.

    M Gazan 21 Apr 2009, 02:22 - Report
  • same situation

    I also received an email from Ait confirming that my appeal was succesful and the letter confirming that was sent to me on 17/02/2008 but i haven't received a dertemination.

    Nokubonga 28 Apr 2009, 05:31 - Report
  • Same here

    Welli also won an appeal at 12 jan 2009 but still waiting for calling letter. some body ask me to send emai lat these address .. i email them and you also trying

    Syed Ali 11 May 2009, 08:00 - Report
  • my husbands visa application


    I am trying to find some help on my husbands visa application he has applyed in Ibadan Nigeria on the 30th of march this year and we havent heard anything since then. He has been to the visa office twice and has been told nothing at all. As it stands i need him home asap as my mum is terminaly ill in hospital and i need him here with me and she wants to see him. If anyone could help me with this i would be so greatful this matter is causing me stress and I need help with this we dont know what to do next.

    Dawn 12 May 2009, 08:17 - Report
  • visa's

    people you gota undastand these visa lot are baskits,,, they want to make the process long and boring,,and a pain in the azz,,, so they can put people off applying,,, its all a big con wiv the goverments,,,,

    amjid khan 13 May 2009, 03:11 - Report
  • my husbands visa appilication

    my husbands visa as been refused he been gone 6 weeks already and its making me ill with him not being here, we have sent the appeal off with 28 days , but have been advised that this could take anythng up to 9 months this is so unfair where are our human rights in all this , i just want my husband home , do they do a fast track appeal , or do you think that he should send in a new application all together

    zoe quadry 18 May 2009, 07:38 - Report
  • zoe

    ya prob better with a fresh case... from the time off when u put the case thru,,, and after the appeal,,, by the time your husband will arrive will be over 1 year..
    ive got a case in process if u wanna no anyting else just ask

    amjid khan 19 May 2009, 04:07 - Report
  • waiting for visa

    my husband came to britain in sept 2006 on a 2 year visa to join his partner (me). in sept 2008 we applied for indefinite leave to remain .its now may 2009, 9 months later we are still waiting. so many calls to the home office and nobody knows anything.. can anyone help????

    patchwood 20 May 2009, 11:16 - Report
  • hi

    can anyone help me please me and my dad applied for uk student dependent visa but they rejected our visas now our appeal is allowed from the date of promogulation it has been 4 week so how much time it will take means when do we got our call latter i m in INDIA

    Niral Dave 24 May 2009, 06:08 - Report
  • hello

    can anyone help me please me and my dad applied for uk student dependent visa but they rejected our visas now our appeal is allowed from the date of promogulation it has been 4 week so how much time it will take means when do we got our call latter i m in INDIA

    Niral Dave

    24 May 2009, 06:08:19 am

    niral dave 24 May 2009, 06:09 - Report
  • hi

    hey i applied for WHM visa for UK in august 2008 but my visa was rejected.i did appeal at AIT and my appeal was allowed on 09/04/2009.
    i got the appeal determination letter from AIT on 14/04/2009 but i havent heard anything from Bombay embassey till now.i sent many emails and letters to ambassey i did not got any reply.pl tell me what to do.
    montu choudhary

    Mantu Choudhary 01 Jun 2009, 05:18 - Report
  • juuu

    i have applly for the student visia but due to appeal i have boring to wait so still i never get the result

    ali 03 Jun 2009, 01:53 - Report
  • uk appeal case n got the visa

    i applied for visit visa in sep 2007 n i was refused by high commission with the right of appeal..i filed appeal and won the appeal got the letter from tribunal in july 2008,,then got my call letter in jan 2009..i submitted my passport in feb and waited for almost 5 months to get my passport ..and yesterday i gt my passport with the visa..si it took nearly 2 yrs..byt outcome is good

    jejejejej 29 Jun 2009, 08:23 - Report
  • appeal case

    syed ali,

    i will let u know the email address they respond very quickly....goodluck u all...

    try this its helpful

    jejejejej 29 Jun 2009, 08:30 - Report
  • visa

    my parents in law applied for a via in march 2008, they got rejected. they reapplied and then got rejected... its best to apply once and reappeal....we had a right to appeal and appealed in the uk. appeal was successful and they got a call letter. they handed thier passports in on 20th april 2008. but are still waiting to get the visa. how long does it take.. this process is really long. tried emailing and calling the emabssy but no answer....can anyone help....

    usman 01 Jul 2009, 01:01 - Report
  • visa

    sorry they handed their passports in 20th april 2009....by the way its faster to appeal from uk....they are still waiting...why is the embassy soo slow in pakistan....

    usman 01 Jul 2009, 01:07 - Report

    i applied for uk study visa in feb 2008 which was refused.Then i did appeal in AIT against ECO which is allowed.Now i submited my passport on 23-06-2009.My classes will start on 14-09-2009.Can you tell me please when my passport will be given back after issuing visa

    safran khan 01 Jul 2009, 07:28 - Report
  • time wait

    @ usman,,mine was the same n i submitted my passport on feb 9..and i got my passport last weel..after more than 4 months..its very normal,,it can be earlier totally depends upon the high commission..so just wait fot the time n be thankful atleast they asked for the passport

    @ safran hope for the best n keep ur fingers crossed it can be earlier as well..

    jejejeje 02 Jul 2009, 07:06 - Report
  • send reminders

    send them reminders after every week on the baove metnioned email id..it would be helpful..

    jejejeje 02 Jul 2009, 07:12 - Report
  • visa

    my parents in law gave thier passports on 20th april...so from that date it can take upto 5 months? why is the embassy so slow in pakistan.... my mother in law only got holiday till the end of july..shes a pricipal in a college.....what shall i do...shall i keep on sending emails or what....there is no number to call islamabad...it goes to security office and they transfer to gerrys international...the agents are no help....the whole system is messed up.......why they soo slow im sure they dont have lots of cases.... just back log i think....

    usman 02 Jul 2009, 11:20 - Report
  • Ali

    Hey i applied 2 times for the uk student visa, but 3rd time i appealed and yesterday , consultant called me that he has received letter that i success.. but right now waiting.. hope i will get that letter soon...

    hhh_triplle@yahoo.com 03 Jul 2009, 08:06 - Report
  • waiting time...

    @usman ..depends upon luck bt send them reminders every week on the above email addresses bt u have to wait for ur turn..i waited for 4 plus months..even i sent the tarveling documents along with the passport bt it dosent really help..bt hope for the best and u will get the best...
    @ ali hopefully u get ur call letter soon ..usually it gets time bt anyways goodluck for the rest

    jejejeje 04 Jul 2009, 05:26 - Report
  • still waiting for visa

    its been ages....they given thier passports on 20th april 2009...still waiting....we wrote to them.,...the answer we get is that they are busy and case is being processed with checks...what kind of checks are they carrying out....its taking soo long

    usman 08 Jul 2009, 03:48 - Report
  • checks

    i dont abt that i never get such kinda reply..as i told u before i waited for almost 5 months..bt i have heard they send the passports to abu dhabi for security checks or bt em nt sure abt it..wait for few days more n hopefully u will get the call

    jejejeje 08 Jul 2009, 07:30 - Report
  • Syed

    Well it is now 8 weeks gone......... but waiting for return of my passport. dont know whne the gonno send the passport even they said it wud only takes 20 days.........

    to whom i shud contact for this.......

    Syed Ali 09 Jul 2009, 09:05 - Report
  • finally i got my visa


    my appeal was allowed on 17/02/2009 and since then i waited for almost 6 months cause i got my visa on 26/06/2009 after a long stress and may be what helped me most was that i use to go to the ECO and also send emails to UK visa appeals and Ait asking them about my visa since there if im not mistaken i got reply from IND UK Visa saying they have copied my email to the Entry Clearance Manager in S.A cause they are the one who has to make a follow up since i"ve been waiting for more than 8 weeks and by that time it was 4 months

    Nokubonga 20 Jul 2009, 07:02 - Report
  • at last

    my parents in law recived thier passports today with the visa. at last. it took excatly 3 months.....we kept on emailing them....

    people you also try if its an appeal case, based in pakistan.


    usman 21 Jul 2009, 11:49 - Report
  • waiting for Passport

    A friend of mine is waiting of his passport for last 5 months. He submitted his apeal letter and passport on 19-02-2009. Still there is no confirmation when he will get the passport....

    Suleman 24 Jul 2009, 09:08 - Report
  • How can track the passport

    How can we check or track our passport in apeal case specially.

    Suleman 29 Jul 2009, 12:41 - Report
  • visiting visa refusal

    sorry am new but just thought i might get some help here,i got a uk visa in nigeria in 2002 for 2 years and also apllied for the renewal in 2004 which was refused for no clear reason. i am now settled in ireland since 2004 and my late husband applied for visiting visa for us in 2006 but also was refused, unknown to me in the application form,he did not mention the 2002 visa and the 2004 refusal, so based on that it was refused, i did not apeal then as i was mourning him as just passed on shortly after applying for that visa.in 2008 i applied again from ireland and i expalined in details the prev applications and was refused again and was also adv will be automatically refused till 2016, i apealed , it failed, i need to go to uk from ireland now but i cant as i have no visa, i have a good job here in ireland, working in a reputable international bank, my children are in school and we are well settled, what can i do.i will really appreciate a candid advice

    fade 01 Aug 2009, 04:46 - Report
  • appeal

    i lodged appeal in feb 09,got notice of pending appeal,saying i would get a letter for a hearing date soon after 21.7.09 im still waiting???some1 said it would be better to have a solicitor,ive not appointed one as yet.but will do once i get a hearing date.

    noreen 03 Aug 2009, 01:58 - Report
  • dawn

    Hi, my husband applyed in Ibadan Nigeria also in feb 2009 and we are still waiting they dont reply to our emails,but my local mp wrote to then and there reply was we have just got to wait as it takes time!!!!

    pauline 03 Aug 2009, 11:53 - Report
  • spouse visa

    Need help..I applied for spouse visa on 21May 09 and till now i havent heard anything from them,they replied me by email saying ur application has been processed n its in a que to be sent back on 24 june 09.what does it mean.?this is second time i applied for spouse visa as i was refused first time bcos of not mentioning my previous refusal by mistake.so re applied on 21 May 09.so how long does it take max?

    dani 04 Aug 2009, 01:56 - Report
  • How much wait for Passport

    I have submit my passport on 27-07-2009 after appeal is allowed. Any one can tell me how much i wait for that and there is any link where i can check my process status.

    SAB 06 Aug 2009, 08:26 - Report
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