Finding and seeing a doctor

Registering with a GP

Finding and seeing a doctor

On arrival in Britain, it is worth registering with a local GP (General Practitioner). There are many different points you might wish to consider when choosing a doctor (e.g. their gender, location, surgery hours), but often the best way to make a choice is to ask friends, colleagues or neighbours whether they can recommend someone.

Family Health Service Authorities (FHSAs) publish lists of doctors (as well as dentists, chemists and opticians) in their areas, which are available in libraries, post offices, tourist information centres, and Citizens Advice Bureaux. Lists of GPs can also be found in the Yellow Pages.

When you wish to see a doctor, you are usually required to make an appointment. Many GPs also operate open surgery hours (when you can see the doctor without an appointment), which are typically from 9am to 11am on weekday mornings.

If you are not confident in English, you can contact your embassy or consulate for a list of doctors who speak your native language.

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