Getting a phone line

How to get a fixed line at home

Getting a phone line

 The main companies that offer fixed-line services and infrastructure are:

BT (British Telecom) – 

Kingston – 

Virgin Media – 

Telewest – 

Any of these companies can install a telephone line in your property. Nevertheless, in most used properties a telephone will already be installed, and you will simply have to pay a connection fee to get your landline working (although this commits you to the fixed-line provider).

If you don’t wish to install a new phone line, you can still save money. Many companies offer fixed-line services indirectly by re-routing your calls through a cheaper provider. By simply dialling a pre-fix code each time you call (or installing an automated machine to do this for you), you are able to keep your current phone line whilst massively reducing your phone bills.

Major indirect operators include One.Tel ( ). The amount that you can save by switching network operators depends on the amount you use your phone, the types of calls you make (local, national, international) and how often you call mobiles as opposed to other landlines. For example, if you are likely to make lots of international calls then you will almost certainly be better off using an indirect access company.

A good site to visit if you want to compare the various options available to you is . Note also that many operators offer free trials, bonuses and discounts, so as ever it is definitely worth shopping around.

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