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    The best place to earn your degree in marine engineering may well be by joining the Navy. There are many colleges who offer programs in this field, but the Navy's extensive program is not only the most affordable, it is also one of the most highly rated marine degree programs in the country. You will have to serve your country while in a naval course, but for many the trade off of an inexpensive college degree is well worth it. In a nutshell, marine engineering involves many items. Some marine engineering experts work on a ship designing and maintaining the ship's propulsion and engine systems. There are other marine engineering experts who design naval equipment or ships.

    Marine engineering is closely related to mechanical engineering, as much of the job entails the creation or maintenance of mechanical equipment. The main difference is that marine engineering must take factors like the force of the tide or the damaging effects of salt water into consideration. For this reason, marine engineering is best thought of as a mix of mechanical and ocean engineering. Students interested in this field will successfully complete courses in CAD, calculus, chemistry, control engineering, electrical systems, electronic systems, engineering processes, hydraulic systems, naval architecture, pneumatic systems, and turbine engines.

    Those involved in marine engineering must create watertight vessels that can stand the effects of gales, strong tides, and salt water. For this reason, it is advantageous to take courses in natural science, especially ocean science, as an elective. Once you are holding your degree, you are not limited to creating ships for the Navy. Major cruise lines like Carnival, Regency, Royal Caribbean, and Princess Cruises are regularly expanding their fleet of cruise ships and need skilled marine engineering professionals to design safe vessels that are large enough to act as floating resort hotels.

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