German driving licence in the US?

  • I'm going to the US for a year or longer. Can I use my German driving license over there? Thanks

    03 Jul 2007, 06:07 Markus
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  • Driving licence from Germany

    The U.S. has an agreement with most countries whereby the renter's full national driving license may be used for a period of up to one year in the U.S.A. This applies to the full German driving license.

    International Driving Permits are generally not required in the U.S.A but it is recommended to carry one. If they are taken, they are only valid in conjunction with a full national driving license. For more information contact the ADAC or your local Straßenverkehrsamt.

    Betty 03 Jul 2007, 06:08 - Report
  • American driver's licence for Germans

    The acquisition of a US drivers license is much simpler for German citizens in the USA than for American citizens in Germany. Either an applicant can claim the driver license reciprocity agreement between a US state and Germany (if the US state has one) and pay the administrative fees or apply as a first time driver. Applying as a first time driver generally requires passing a short written and driving test, both of which can usually be preformed within a few hours and for under $50. As there is no uniform requirement for all 50 US states, please contact the local US state authorities for the details. In the USA drivers licenses are regulated exclusively by each US state (Texas, California, etc.) not by the federal government as is the case in Germany.

    Cherry 03 Jul 2007, 06:09 - Report
  • Re:German driving licence in the US?

    Hi Markus,

    In my opinion you must have International Driving License" to drive a car in United states.

    Thanks & Regards:-
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    albion.jord 01 Apr 2008, 07:18 - Report
  • Drivers Licence

    bullsh** you ain´t need nothin´ except your german license....

    -.- 12 Nov 2008, 05:11 - Report
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