Health insurance in Vietnam

The importance of being covered

Health insurance in Vietnam

There is the option of cash payment for treatment and health care because of the privatised nature of care in Vietnam, however, it is advised that any expat intending on staying in Vietnam get comprehensive health insurance.

Health care is operated predominantly on a pay system, where you pay for private treatment and medicine yourself. Whilst the prices of health care, compared to any western country, is relatively cheap, expats should  invest in a full health insurance plan before departing to Vietnam. It will assure that if anything does happen, costs will stay down and manageable, and guarantees access to the best health care. Additionally, you can choose which facility or doctor to use and eligible for a refund if the level of care was not to a satisfactory standard.

Vietnam does not offer national health insurance, so expats are advised to either have an insurance policy from their home country, or take out an international health insurance from an international company. When shopping for insurance policies, expats need to consider various questions, such as whether they are travelling with a family or spouse, and the duration of the trip.

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