Property costs in Vietnam

What to expect to pay

Property costs in Vietnam

Vietnam has a socialist-oriented policy, and its implementations are strict and very precise for real estate.

Costs when buying a property

When acquiring a property in Vietnam, and more precisely buying it, you will be charged several extra taxes and fees, which will, however, remain quite low, reaching an average of 6% of the total amount of money. The majority of this will be the Value Added Tax (VAT) and registration fees. Note that all the exchanges are made with pure gold.

Costs when owning a property

Once you have acquired a property in Vietnam, the ongoing taxes for foreigners on property owning are more significant. You will be charged several fees:

  • The VAT on the property (10%)
  • A fee of 1% for the land use, a.k.a. LURC
  • Capital gain tax of 25%

Costs when selling a property

If you decide to sell a property, you will be charged 10% of the total amount earned with the sale.

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