Teaching English in Oman

Where can you teach English?

Surprisingly enough, most English teachers in Oman come from Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

There is a huge demand for English in Oman, as all Omani schools teach English as a second language and it is spoken in most hotels, airports and hospitals. All employees in these businesses are required to speak English. Nonetheless, there is a marked shortage of native English speakers in Oman - even in teaching positions - mostly due to the government´s strict immigration requirements. This shortage is especially pronounced in the country´s public school system.

Therefore, provided you can get a work visa and residence permit, there are plenty of teaching opportunities available.

Private Schools

Most private school curricula in Oman are taught in English. Even the few French private schools use English as a second language. These schools mainly serve the children of expatriate families

Language Schools

Omanis and foreigners (who do not speak English as their native lanuage) often attend private language schools. While it is fairly easy to find one that will hire a native speaker, these schools are rarely very pleasant places to work. Teaching hours are long and usually do not begin until after the work day ends (most students work full time). Because of the schedule, many students can be irritable, tired and otherwise unpleasant.

Berlitz and Linguarama both run language schools in Oman, and both require teachers to complete special training courses.

Private Tuition

There is widespread demand for private English tutoring in Oman. This is especially true as students near university entry exams. Since English language proficiency is a major part of these exams, students are usually eager to brush up on their skills. In addition, once exam results are published, those who did poorly usually look for private tutoring in order to prepare for their next attempt. Private tutors are usually English teachers or university professors offering lessons in their free time.

While you will not get a work visa or residence permit from the Omani government to tutor English, you will always be able to find ads requesting tutors on message boards (both physical and electronic) and in popular newspapers. If you can´t find anyone who is looking for a tutor, consider advertising your skills in these same places.

The British Council

The British Council recruits English language teachers for placement in its centres. Its teaching positions require at least one recognised qualification, such as an RSA diploma or PGCE in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and a minimum of two years’ teaching experience. For more senior jobs and those with managerial responsibilities, postgraduate qualifications and a minimum of five years’ experience are required.

For further information, visit the British Council  online.

Translators & Interpreters

Those who are fluent in Arabic and English can find work as translators and interpreters. Translation work is often required for legal and contractual documentation, and by authors of technical papers. Additionally, interpreters are often needed at seminars and for management training courses.

Training and interpretation jobs are usually part-time or short-term.

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