Internet access in Spain

How to get an internet connection at home

It can often be a difficult experience trying to set up internet access in your own country, let alone when you move abroad. Below is a list of different internet service providers and what you will need to have in order to set up an internet connection.

Internet service providers

Internet service providers in Spain include:

All of the above providers offer fibre-optic (fibra óptica) and ADSL internet connection. Most will not offer customer service in English.

Cost of internet

Internet will cost on average around EUR 30-40 a month. Besides the monthly fee, providers often charge a signup fee (cuota de alta) for the installation. The router will usually be provided at no extra cost.

You can choose the length of your contract but it usually won’t be longer than 12 months (12 meses de permanencia). Always check the terms and conditions thoroughly before agreeing to a contract. For example, if you want to end your contract early you will probably be asked to pay a cancellation fee which will be stated in the terms and conditions.


In order to sign your contract you will need your passport. Depending on your internet provider, you may also be required to have:

As a foreigner, some providers may also ask you for a deposit to ensure that you complete the length of your contract.

How long does the process take?

After you have signed your contract, a router will be sent out to your address. Some internet providers, like Movistar or Ono, will probably send an engineer out to install it for you. It can take around a week from signing the contract until your internet is installed, but often it will take much longer.

While you wait, there are wifi hotspots open for the public to use in most cafes and restaurants, as well as in some public parks and libraries. Some providers, like Vodafone and Ono, have implemented hotspots throughout many cities across Spain, although you will have to pay to use these unless you have signed a contract with them.

Temporary internet without installation or NIE

Another option is to get temporary internet, as the process can often be unpredictable. A company such as Wifi Away  can send a portable 4G device to your home the next day on a no commitment contract. As soon as your permanent internet has been installed just send it back. © 2003-2021 Just Landed