Studying in South Korea

Visas for study and research purposes

Those who are travelling to South Korea for the main purpose of studying in a program and/or at an institution must apply for a student visa. There are a variety of student visas one can apply for, the most popular being the 90-day student visa.

Specific required documentation to obtain a student visa (D-2)

And general required documentation (required for any type of visa)


For those who are travelling to South Korea for the purpose of research you might need the following additional documentation:


Student visa applications must be made at Korean consulates or embassies in the country of your legal residence. In order to renew the visa once you are in South Korea, you will need to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and apply there.

The application of the above mentioned 90-day student visa is processed faster and can easily be renewed once you are in Korea.

If you are planning to study in Korea for an extended period, it is advised that you register at your country's embassy once you arrive in case of any emergencies. © 2003-2020 Just Landed