Public phones

Phone booths and phone cards

Due to the increase in mobile phone usage, public phones are less common than they used to be. But if you need one, they can still be found in hotels, railway stations, airports and pedestrian areas in cities.

To make a call from a public phone you will need at least 50 cents. In most phones you must use two 25-cent coins (also called quarters) but certain modern phones accept cards.

Some phones offer unlimited local calls for just 50 cents, which can represent a huge saving. Charges for long-distance calls are set by the company that operates the phone. If you want to use another long-distance company than the one assigned to the payphone, you must first dial that company’s access code. Most public telephones allow you to be called back on that number, which is displayed on the front of the telephone.

Hotel calls

Calls made from a hotel room can be very expensive. The more luxurious hotels usually add a service fee (from 50 cents to $1) for each phone call you make and if it is a long-distance call expect to pay a high price for it. Be careful even if you want to call an 800 (free) number and check the rates before you call. If they are too expensive try the public phone in the hotel lobby. © 2003-2020 Just Landed