Grants & Subsidies in France

How to get financial help

There are over 250 different grants and subsidies (often referred to as ‘incentives’, although strictly these are financial) available to individuals for starting up a personal enterprise or small business in France, particularly in rural areas. These include EU subsidies, central government grants, regional development grants, redeployment grants, and grants from departments and local communities.

Grants may take the form of assistance to buy buildings and equipment (or the provision of low-cost business premises), subsidies for job creation, or tax incentives.

Most government subsidies are intended to provide support for small businesses already up and running, but there are occasionally specific subsidies available for new businesses, particularly for individuals who have been unemployed for a long period. Some regional governments offer subsidies to new businesses, particularly if local jobs are assured or local skills put to good use. Most grants apply only to the creation of a first business. Even if you’re eligible for a grant and it has been approved, you shouldn’t bank on receiving it, as it can take months or even years to materialise.   Schemes include the following (in order of scope, from Europe-wide to local):

Further Information: To find out about possible grants, incentives and competitions, start by contacting your local town hall or mairie, the relevant  ccentre de formalités des entreprises and the departmental chamber of commerce. For further information about grants and incentives, contact Invest in France ( ).

Financial Benefits

The French government offers new businesses a number of financial benefits or incentives, including those listed below. Note, however, that the nature and value of these are subject to sudden change with a change of government or financial policy and you should check with your local tax office before including any incentives in your financial calculations. © 2003-2020 Just Landed