Student accounts

Bank accounts and conditions for students

Although students tend to control a “manageable” ammount of money, they need bank accounts! In Austria you have a lot of benefits as a student when you open an account as banks are anticipating future profits when you finally graduate.

When you open the account you need a proof of identity like a passport and sometimes also a proof a residence in Austria ( Meldezettel) and of course student’s identity card and a proof of studies ( Studienbestätigung).

Basically you can hardly see differences between the offers from different banks.

As a student you usually:

You should choose a bank on or close to your university campus and make sure you have a branch near your home as well. As a student you have the student account at your disposal until you’re 27 years old.

Banks offer a lot of seminars and trainings for students. You should use these events to get to know people or even obtain certificates to brush up your CV. © 2003-2021 Just Landed