House Hunting

How to find a property in France

There are many ways of finding homes for sale in France; the main methods are listed here.

When looking for a property in France, there are many ways that you can look into.

Make sure you avoid national holidays when visiting France on a house hunting trip. These include 1st January, Easter Monday, 1st and 8th May, Ascension Day (sixth Thursday after Easter), 14th July, 15th August, 1st and 11th November, and 25th December. Also avoid the day before/after a holiday if it falls on a Tuesday/Thursday.

If you go house hunting in France, remember to take a calculator (to work out how few Euro you will get for your money), a mobile phone that works in France (and a charger and plug adapter), a camera and/or video camera, and instructions for remotely accessing your home answerphone, as well as a notepad, maps and contact numbers.

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