Romania’s coast

Beaches and resorts

There are many resorts on the Black Sea coast of Romania. Here we list some of the most popular places to visit, but you can also find other interesting places less known by tourists.

Mamaia is famous for having the best beach with the finest sand in Romania. It is also one of the most trendy places to visit. The season starts in mid-May and finishes in late September, when average daytime temperatures are 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. The water stays warm until late in the autumn. Leisure activities have developed considerably in past years. Mamaia is now the best destination for water sports in Romania, which take place both on the sea, but also on the Siutghiol Lake. Sports like scuba diving and para-gliding are also available.

Most hotels are new or recently modernized, so quality in general is good. Most of the 60 hotels (which range from two and three star establishments, to exclusive four or five star hotels and private clubs) are very close to the beach. There are many nice nightclubs in Mamaia to visit during the evening. Mamaia is considered to be one of the most expensive but enjoyable places in Romania.

Eforie Nord

This year-round spa is located 14km south of Constanta, on the strip of land between the Techirghiol Lake and the Black Sea. The lake provides a special mud which, combined with the salty lake waters, forms a treatment for rheumatism, dermatological, metabolic and nutritional disorders. In addition to the spa facilities, it is a nice seaside resort with wide sandy beaches. There is a high cliff with a walk-way lined with restaurants at the North end of the resort. In addition to lots of low-to mid-range hotels, you can also find accommodation in many recently built mini-hotels and hostels.


This is a popular summer destination for young people and students, who make the atmosphere particularly lively and informal. The season starts on May 1st. Costinesti’s long beach of fine sand faces East, so it gets sun all day long. It is also less expensive than other Romanian sea resorts such as Mamaia.


Situated at the same latitude as the Mediterranean resorts of Monaco and Nice, Mangalia is southernmost resort of the Black Sea Coast. It is one of the few places in Romania where the temperature stays about zero in winter. Mangalia is soaked in centuries of history: you can visit a Scythian tomb discovered in 1959, second to fourth Century BC incineration tombs, the ruins of the Callatis citadel (6th century B.C.), and a 16th Century Turkish mosque. There is an Archeology Museum famous for its collection of amphorae and sculptures from the Hellenistic period.

Vama Veche

Vama Veche is located a little south of Mangalia. During the summer, a Bohemian community of artists, actors, singers and dancers come for a holiday in this relatively secluded place. Vama Veche is a traditional destination for those enjoying quiet beaches, sea swimming and nudism. People usually sleep in tents or a room rented from peasants or fishermen. Recently there has been a lot of property developed and the “Save Vama Veche” campaign is fighting further development in the area. Since 2003, there has been an annual music festival called Stufstock (Reed-stock) to protest against the generally bad quality of Romanian music. © 2003-2021 Just Landed