Studying in Poland

How to get a study visa

Students who are planning to come and study in Poland for longer than 90 days need a study visa in some cases. It is recommended you find out about requirements and start the application process well in advance of the start of your period of planned study in Poland.

If you will be undertaking a recognised course of study at a Polish education institution, getting a student visa for Poland is normally a straightforward process. You will need to present the required documentation and application forms after correctly completing the information required.

Students from EU/EEA countries

In order to enter Poland to start a course of study, it is not necessary for an EU/EEA student to get a visa prior to arrival. However, when you have arrived in Poland, you do need to apply for a temporary study visa at the local Voivod’s office.

Students from non EU countries

Before travelling to Poland, students from outside of the EU should apply for a student visa at the Polish consulate in their current country of residence. Students who have a valid visa and want to reapply for its extension have to do so at least 45 days before the current visa expires. © 2003-2021 Just Landed