Running costs of property

Utilities and taxes in Denmark

As well as financing the cost of purchasing property you should also consider the day-to-day living costs in Denmark.

Utility bills in Denmark include gas, electricity and water. Gas and electricity bills are usually charged based on an estimate as to how much you consume, and are adjusted every year. The use of water is metered in most Danish properties.

You can pay your utility bills either through Internet banking or, as most Danes do, with a free standing order service provided by banks in Denmark (PBS). You can also pay your utility bills at banks and post offices in Denmark, though there is a charge for each bill you pay.

Most other bills such as water drainage, sewerage and wastage are included in property tax.

Danish property taxes

If you own property in Denmark you will have to pay the following taxes:

Property Value Tax (Ejendomsværdiskat): This is collected by the state and is roughly equivalent to 1% of the property value. The tax only has to be paid if you live in the property yourself.

Land Tax (Grundskyld): This is split into two parts – one of which is paid to the county council and the other to the local district council. Both are based on the land value of the property. © 2003-2020 Just Landed