How to become a New Zealander

After three or five years’ residence in New Zealand (depending on whether you applied before or after 21st April 2005) you can apply for New Zealand citizenship.

In order to apply for New Zealand citizenship and passport, you must have lived in New Zealand for 5 years. Furthermore, you must provide proof of good character, show your knowledge of the responsibilities and privileges of New Zealand citizenship, and speak and understand English.

You must attend a citizenship ceremony and take an oath or affirmation of allegiance. Children born of New Zealand residents automatically become New Zealand citizens and can hold dual nationality where permitted under the law of their parents’ countries of birth or nationality.

Foreign nationals who marry New Zealanders or a in a genuine de facto relationships with a New Zealand partner are not entitled to special provisions. They must meet the same residential requirements as stated above.

Enquiries regarding citizenship must be made to the Citizenship Office, PO Box 10-526, Wellington (freephone 0800-225 151, ). © 2003-2020 Just Landed