Contracts & Taxation

What you need to know about contracts and tax

Most people who do holiday letting in Greece have a simple agreement form that includes a property description, the names of the clients, and the dates of arrival and departure.

However, if you do regular letting you may wish to check with a lawyer that your agreement is legal and contains all the necessary safeguards. If you plan to let to non-English speaking clients, you should have a letting agreement in Greek or other languages. If you use an agent, they will provide a standard contract.

Although the law is on your side, you should be aware that if a tenant with a short-term rental contract refuses to leave, it can take months to have him evicted. Note also that if you receive rent and accept a lessee without protest, you’re usually deemed to have entered into a contractual relationship, even if there’s no written contract.


You should inform the local tax office if you plan to let your property and must comply with the following regulations:

Declaring rental income can be complicated, particularly as regulations change periodically so it’s advisable to use the services of an accountant. © 2003-2020 Just Landed