Income Tax Rates

Calculating your income tax

Current personal income tax rates in Cyprus are as follows:

Taxable Income (€)

Tax Rate (%)

Cumulative tax (€)

Up to 19,500



19,501 – 28,000



28,001 – 36,300



Over 36,300



Foreign pensions and property income are taxed at different rates.


Before you’re liable for income tax, you can subtract certain deductions from your gross income, including the following:

In order to claim deductions relating to personal expenditure or family circumstances, it’s usually necessary to produce receipts.

Cash Grants

Under the 2003 tax reforms, tax allowances were either abolished or replaced by cash grants, as follows:

Child Grant – All families resident in Cyprus which have a gross family income below the threshold are entitled to a basic child grant and a supplementary grant.

Higher Education Grant – €2,563 per annum for each child receiving full-time higher education in Cyprus or at a foreign university;

Blind Grant – €3,417 per annum for blind people. © 2003-2020 Just Landed