Visa requirements

Do you need a visa? How do you apply for it?

Not everyone needs a visa for their stay in Malta. Read the following articles to find out which rules you must follow.

What is a visa?

A visa is a sticker affixed to a passport. It provides the passport holder the option of staying or travelling through Malta during a limited and specified time period. However, the mere possession of a visa is not enough to gain entry to Malta. The passport holder must prove he has the minimum means required for entering the country. Border authorities may refuse entry or cancel the visa if:

Border authorities may refuse entry for reasons of security or public policy.

Who needs a visa?

Visas are not needed for stays up to three months for EU nationals and nationals of the following countries:

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Republic of Korea, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland, United States of America, Uruguay, Vatican City, Venezuela. Note that Chinese nationals holders of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region identification do not need a visa.

If you are not from one of those countries a visa will be needed. An up-to-date list of countries from which nationals need a visa can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . If you have any questions, contact your embassy.

How to apply for a visa

Before travelling to Malta, you should apply for a visa at the Maltese embassy in your country of residence, or at the embassy of another EU Member State with which Malta has a representation agreement. Make sure you apply well in advance as visa applications can take 15 days or longer to process.

If there is no Maltese embassy in your country of residence, you can apply for a visa directly at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . On their website, it is possible to download a visa application form. You can send this form to the Commissioner of Police together with a photocopy of your passport and other requested documents.

The Immigration Police
Police Headquarters
Tel (00356) 21-224001-7
Fax (00356) 21247777 or 21235308

The Immigration Police will then fax you a statement, which tells you whether the application has been approved or not. If the application is approved, you should present this letter to the airline before travelling to Malta. On arrival, your visa will be issued. © 2003-2021 Just Landed