Where to look

Finding a Swedish property

The best option to find a property in Sweden is to use an estate agent. Newspapers and internet websites also have classified sections with properties on sale.

The most common way to find property in Sweden is through an estate agent. Estate agents will provide you with information regarding a wide range of properties on the market and will also be able to arrange viewings. A list of estate agents in Sweden can be found here . You are not required to use a solicitor when buying property in Sweden. However, if you are not familiar with the Swedish system or language, it is advisable you make sure you have some qualified assistance.

Classified adverts in both local and national newspapers are another way to search for property. The bigger national newspapers have a comprehensive list of properties available each weekend. Local newspapers usually have a weekly property supplement for property hunters to look through.

Most newspaper classifieds are available online and a number of specialised property websites exist.

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