How to get a phone line in Bahrain

Bahrain's fixed-line telephone service is one of the best in the Middle East. Various land line service providers are available.

The main fixed-line service provider in Bahrain is Batelco  (Bahrain's Telecommunications Company). Batelco was the sole provider of all fixed-line services in the country. However, competition has recently emerged from other sources: Zain , Menatelecom , 2 Connect Bahrain  and Lightspeed .

How to get a land line installed

To get a land line installed with Batelco you have to complete an application form . You must own a Central Population Registration card (CPR card) in order to apply for a land line. The application form is available on their website in English and Arabic.

You will receive a one off charge for installation. A bill will be sent to your home address which can be paid by:

Zain also require you to apply via an online application form. There is a one off installation fee.

Menatelecom provide international fixed line services which automatically routes all your international calls through their network (at cheaper raters). You can order it online, Menatelecom customer service is available on the number 07770, or alternatively, you can visit the company's branches listed on their web pages.

Lightspeed: To enquire about Lightspeed services, call on 80061111 or visit one of their offices.

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