Mobile providers in Bahrain

To get a Bahraini mobile you must be a registered resident in Bahrain with a personal identity number (CPR). You will also have to have a fixed address.

Before buying a mobile phone, you should be aware of the important number registration law. There was a recent decision made to safeguard public security from anonymous users engaging in illegal activities. As a result, you must register your phone and your personal details with the service provider. If you do not, your mobile phone will be cut off.

There are three main providers in Bahrain:

Bahrain operates on a GSM network. For Europeans and many other countries, this means that your current phone will probably work in Bahrain. However, even if you have a GSM mobile you may have to get your phone unlocked to use a Bahraini SIM card.

Personal mobile services vary according to the mobile package you choose and their tariffs. Bahraini mobile providers offer postpaid mobile contracts and prepaid pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

When choosing a contract, consider your preferences in terms of contract lenght and peak rates discounts. The usual mobile contracts requirement run for a minimum of one or two years. Some tariffs include a peak rate option, in which the off-peak rate is cheaper (e.g. from 13:00-3:00, 21:00-8:00, and all Fridays). Other tariffs allow you to call four or five friends at a reduced rate.

Batelco offers special tariffs for university students – you apply by presenting your student ID and your registration form to a customer service counter. There are also special business packages with competitive rates available.

You find more information on rates, contract types, fees and offers online or in the company's mobile shops.

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