Best free attractions of London

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world.

The capital of Great Britain welcomes you with plenty of theatres and museums to visit, great shopping districts, art exhibitions and of course the famous royal family. Because the city is rather expensive, it is not an uncommon situation to finish the month with a minus in the bank.

The good thing is- there are more than enough nice things to do in the city for free. Here are some of them:

1. Speaker’s corner-

Cumberland Gate Park Lane, North East corner of Hyde Park, London W1K 7TY, United Kingdom - 07533 098 035

The speaker’s corner is a popular attraction regardless to its free of charge entrance. People from all over the country go there either to preach passionately about their favorite topic, or to listen to others doing it. Just grab a chair on Sunday morning, take a walk to Cumberland Gate Park Lane and start to discussing or listening to important issues like: politics, economics, religion and more.

2. National Theatre Square-

South Bank, London, SE1 9PX

With more than 20 productions being shown in a year, huge auditoriums with excellent sound system and well known shows- this theatre gives people the option to have a nice night out without any payment. Even though most of the shows do cost some entrance, the theatre makes sure that there will always be some free exhibition, music performance and even a free circus from time to time. Check the theatre official website in order to see their agenda, deals and last minute offers.

3. Primrose Hill-

Primrose Hill, Primrose Hill Road, Primrose Hill, NW3 3NA

Primrose Hill is one of the most beautiful and popular locations in London: the green lawn, breathtaking view, lively going out area which is right next to the park and plenty of celebrities walking by- it is a perfect location for a sunny afternoon. Primrose hill is located in the north side of Regent’s park and because of its perfect location you can easily spend a whole day there. After you got enough rest lying on the grass, start your evening in a nearby café or a delicious restaurant.

4. Sunday UpMarket and the Backyard Market-

Address: Ely's Yard (entr ances on Brick Lane & Hanbury Street), The Old Truman Brewery
 London E1

Both of these markets, (which located next to each other) sells unique fashion items, one of-a- kind jewelry, distinctive art& craft treasures and have the same cool atmosphere: alternative, funky and young. Obviously the markets do not offer free clothing items but it does offer free food tasting! Just walk around and you will come across many eye-catching food stalls, (which have Turkish, Spanish, Japanese and Moroccan food) where you will be able to taste almost everything that is being sold there.

5. Richmond Park-

Holly Lodge TW10 5HS 

Located in West London and only 12 miles away from the city center, this stunning park is by far the best attraction for all nature lovers out there! Richmond Royal Park is the biggest in London and the only one which provides the wild animal’s pure freedom and space to live happily and safely. Take your kids, family or friend to a magical day at the park where you will be witnessing deer running free, colorful birds, green surroundings and a lot of beauty. © 2003-2021 Just Landed