Work visas

If you have a job offer in Chile

If you have an employment contract, you can apply for a work visa, which is linked to your job. This is the second most common type of temporary residency visa issued for Chile.

For foreigners who have been hired to work in Chile, the work visa, “Visa Sujeto a Contrato” is valid for two years. There is also the dependent work visa which covers the visa holder’s family (spouse/children), though it does not allow them to work while in Chile.

This visa is a legal requirement for you to be able to work in Chile and must be sponsored by a company. If a company tells you you don’t need a work visa they are breaking the law, if you are caught you could face deportation. This is a common problem among English schools who don’t handle their employees’ visas correctly.


The work visa can be applied for in a Chilean embassy in your country, or from the Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santiago. You will be required to pay a processing fee (the amount depends on your nationality) and the following documents:

The hiring company must meet the following requirements:

The work contract offered to the visa applicant must include the following clauses:

This visa is generally tied to your company or job. You are responsible for notifying the authorities if your job changes or you are no longer working at the same company. If you have entered Chile on a temporary residency permit, you can apply for the work visa from within the country should you find permanent work. © 2003-2021 Just Landed