Resident visas & work permits

Study or work in Taiwan long-term

Taiwan’s resident visa is for foreign nationals who wish to stay in the ROC for more than six months for business, educational or family purposes. Resident visa holders are required to apply for an ARC and re-entry permit within 15 days of their entry to Taiwan.

Visa requirements

Information for students

Foreign nationals wishing to study in Taiwan should consider whether their course length merits a resident visa or simply a visitor’s visa. Realistically, most courses will exceed the maximum length of a visitor visa, and students can apply for the longer resident visa with the same documentation, with the inclusion of:

The same requirement that resident visa applicants register for an ARC and re-entry permit applies to students, and enquiries should be made with 15 days of arrival in Taiwan.

Taiwanese work permits

Employers hiring foreign nationals should apply for work permits through the Council of Labour Affairs before an employee applies for a resident visa. The prospective employee should visit their nearest ROC overseas mission and make the necessary applications for resident visa status.

If the employee is already in Taiwan, they can apply to change their visitor visa to a resident visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taipei, Taichung or Kaohsiung. 

Foreigners entering Taiwan with a visa exemption cannot apply to change their visa status from inside Taiwan. They must arrange to leave the country before they make further visa applications from overseas. © 2003-2020 Just Landed