Internet for expats

Getting a connection and coverage

Dedicated broadband and fibre-optic Internet service providers (ISPs) are found in and around major cities in Angola, with most other areas having to rely on satellite and mobile.

Unfortunately information on setting up a contract with one of the ISPs is difficult to obtain from their websites, as most operate with local agents through email and telephone based quotes. Expats needing to set up their Internet connection independently will probably have to do so after arriving in Angola.

However, the links below give the five major residential Internet providers in Angola. Expats should check their websites to ensure their location is covered and that the service suits their requirements. Some operate through satellite in more remote areas, and speeds will be variable even in developed parts of Angola, so finding the best provider can be very important.

MS Telcom  (English and Portuguese) - Broadband access in Luanda, Soyo and Lobito; Satellite in other areas.

TV Cabo  (Portuguese only, also provides cable TV services) - Access in Luanda, Lobito and Benguela only.

ITELNet  (Portuguese only) - Small satellite only network © 2003-2021 Just Landed