Need help in a new country?

Settle in easier to your new life in Switzerland

Seasoned expats will tell you, settling into a new country is daunting. Language difficulties, filing paperwork, and unpacking are just some of things you might need help with in the first few weeks. The question is, where can you find this help?

Where do you start when you have questions like:

This sort of stress can cause a lot of frustration and completely change your first impressions of the country. What can you actually do? You can hope your neighbor will greet you with a housewarming gift, so you can bombard them with your questions (not going to happen).

You can go online and run searches using Google translator, identifying some key words that might help. Some expats choose to work with a relocation agent who will charge fees, send you the first available person, and dump you as soon as they complete their first week. All of this would cost you money and nerves.

Since last year Switzerland has a service that can take care of almost all such problems – the online platform jacando will support you finding a helper for all your needs in daily life.
jacando allows you to find helpers for your daily tasks for so-called “microjobs” for every need and requirement.

With just two clicks you are ready to create your job. How about: “ I am moving to Switzerland and need two helpers for moving in, for 4 hours this Saturday 11 a.m.”.After posting your job, you will soon receive applications, and you can then select your preferred “jobber” to get the job done –  saving time and money,  so you can enjoy your new expat life in Switzerland.

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