Importing a car

How to bring your car to Hungary

If you’re moving to Hungary and wish to import your vehicle, more information can be found below.

Foreign residents are able to use their own car for up to six months. After that these six months, you must register your foreign car. Registering a car can be quite expensive and the process can take up to a week with a lot of paper work. If you wish to register your car, you must have a tax number and an address card.

Moreover, owners of cars registered from non-EU countries must also pay duties when importing a car.

Registering your vehicle

The following documents are required:

Registration tax

After passing the technical test, the registration tax will be issued at the customs service.

The tax is calculated depending on the following criteria

Last but not least, the car can be finally registered at the local Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (Önkormányzati Okmányiroda). © 2003-2020 Just Landed