Requirements and types of driving licences

How to get a driving licence in Luxembourg

Whether you need to obtain a new driving licence when living in Luxembourg depends on your nationality. Driving licences can be issued from the Service des Permis de Conduire (SNCA).

You can use your foreign driving licence for up to six months in Luxembourg. If you stay longer, you may have to exchange it to a Luxembourgian one. If your licence is not in German, French or English it has to be translated. Non-EEA nationals have to exchange it within one year of residency. EEA nationals only have to register their licence or may exchange it if desired.

If you have held your driving licence for less than two years you will have to attend a one-day training course at the Colmar-Berg driver training centre (Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs ).

How to exchange your driving licence

Documents required to exchange an EEA licence:

Additional documents you need to exchange a non-EEA licence:

How to obtain a driving licence

Requirements for the application:

To obtain a Luxembourgian driving licence you have to pass a theory and a practical driving test. Both can be taken in English. If you fail, you can retake the tests as often as you want. Licences have to be renewed every ten years until the holder is 60 years old. After the age of 60 a medical test is required to renew the licence.

Categories of driving licences

In Luxembourg you can obtain the following driving licences:




Mopeds with a design speed of up to 45 Km/h


Light motorcycles and mopeds with a power not exceeding 15 kW


Motorcycles with a power not exceeding 35 kW


All motorcycles




Cars with trailers or caravans of below 3,500 Kg in mass


Lorries/trucks and goods vehicles

D - F

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