Transportation in Luxembourg

Train, bus, bike, air travel and boat trips

Luxembourg has a well-developed infrastructure with railways, buses, bike lanes, international flights and boat trips. It is easy to get around within Luxembourg, and to neighbouring countries.


The train system is operated by the state-owned company Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL) and links bigger towns within the country. It also connects Luxembourg with Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Germany. Since 2007 the main railway station of Luxembourg City offers a high-speed TGV link to Paris.

Information on train services, timetables and prices can be found on the CFL website .

The Ministry of Transportation has made plans for reintroducing trams in Luxembourg City. The last tram service was run in 1964. The new services are supposed to start in 2017. More information about Luxembourg’s tram system can be found on the website of Luxtram  (only in French and German).


The bus network is operated by the RGTR (Régime général des transports routiers) and controlled by the Ministry of Transport. Buses link nearly all towns and villages. Luxembourg City is served daily by 163 buses. The services at night, on weekends and holidays are limited, though, in some cities there are night buses as well.

Tickets cost about €2 (valid for up to 2 hours after the purchase) or €4 (valid for one day) and can be purchased from the driver.


Travelling by bike is very popular in Luxembourg, consequently, the country has a good infrastructure for cyclists with over 575 km of bike lanes.

Vel’oh is a service that offers you bikes for rent in Luxembourg City. There are 72 bike stations where you can pick up a bike. You can use it for a certain amount of time and then you leave it at another station. On every station you can buy tickets for using the bikes for 7 days, a month or a year, for example. This can be done with your bank card. You can check whether there are bikes available at stations and where the stations are on the Vel’oh website .

Air travel and boat trips

Aéroport de Luxembourg is Luxembourg’s only international airport and the only one with a paved runway. It is located 6 km away from Luxembourg City. There are taxi and bus services (bus number 16) that run between the airport and the city centre of Luxembourg City. In 2008 a new and modern airport terminal building was opened.

In total, there are 13 airlines operating at the airport, offering flights to 24 countries. The national airline is called Luxair and flies to all major European cities.

To get more information have a look at the Luxair  or Luxembourg Airport  websites.

The Moselle river forms a natural border of 42 km between Luxembourg and Germany and you can easily cross the river by boat. Boat trips are a popular leisure activity and many tourist boats operate, especially during the summer months.

If boats aren’t your thing, you can also walk or drive across one of the bridges spanning the Moselle.

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