Driving licenses

Getting a driving license in Saudi Arabia

In this article, you will learn about obtaining a Saudi Arabian driving license and converting your current license.

With some of the world's best roads, you will want to experience driving in Saudi Arabia.

Driving age

The driving age in Saudi Arabia is 18 for males, women are not permitted to drive.

Foreign driving licenses

UK and US citizens and those with international driving licenses can use their current passports to drive in Saudi Arabia for up to three months. After three months, those wishing to continue to drive must apply for a Saudi Arabian driver’s license.

Convert your driving license

Male drivers from the UK and the US can simply exchange their license for a Saudi Arabian one. Other nationalities cannot convert their driving license and must apply for a new one.

The following documents need to be presented to the local traffic police if you are a UK or US male driver:

Applying for a new Saudi Arabian driving license

Drivers not from the UK or the US will need to apply for a license which involves taking a written and practical driving test at the Dallah Driving School, Riyadh .

Before applying at the DLO you need the following documents:

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