Leisure activities in Belgium

Make the most of your free time

Belgians generally enjoy a good work-life balance, so expats can expect to have a nice amount of free time to spend with family and friends. Make the most of this free time by giving some of the following fun leisure activities a go.

Enjoy the music

Belgians love a good music festival. Throughout the spring and summer months, the country hosts some of the world’s best known celebrations of music: From Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter and Graspop to Pukkelpop and Dour, there is a festival for everyone to enjoy.

Visit cultural landmarks

Home to many impressive historical sites, you can spend your weekends visiting numerous landmarks and learn all about the country’s fascinating history and various cultural influences. With more than 3,000 castles and 12 UNESCO world heritage sites , you won’t run out of weekend trips any time soon.

Get active

If you enjoy being active, you won’t feel out of place in sports-orientated Belgium. Football is a firm favourite and field hockey is becoming increasingly popular, with the national teams for both ranking amongst the best in Europe. Throughout the country, there are many adult/junior amateur teams that expats are welcome to join (check at your local sport club for details).

Cycling is also widely loved. Taking to your bike for a weekend ride along the country’s many scenic cycle paths is a great way to enjoy the fresh air. If you fancy being a bit more competitive, there are plenty of road races to take part in, and, if you prefer to be a spectator, you can join the many who line the streets to watch the riders whizz by. When the Tour of Flanders comes to town in April, for example, thousands of people come out to watch and support the riders.

Indulge in the beer

One for adults only; it would be a shame not to taste the great diversity of beer on offer. Most Belgian bars serve a wide variety of traditional and modern local beers so you don’t need to travel far to try a range of brands and styles. Don’t know where to start? Check out the Independent’s list of the 10 best Belgian beers  for ideas.

Go to the beach

Belgium has some great beaches to spend a hot summer’s day on and fun beach resorts are dotted all along it’s sandy Northern coast. The 65 kilometre coastline isn’t just for the summer either; with a range of sporting activities, great restaurants and coastal walks to try, it can be enjoyed all times of the year .

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