Getting Started

How to prepare your housing search

Looking for an apartment in Argentina can, despite the favourable prices, be a time-consuming experience. Whatever you do, give yourself a plenty of time as it will be much more likely that you get what you are looking for this way.

On arrival in Argentina, you may find it necessary to stay in temporary accommodation for a few weeks or months until you can move into an apartment. In Argentina your options for short-term stay comprise of hotels, residencies and short-term rental of furnished apartments. These short-term rentals are offered by a wide amount of real estate and housing agencies. Some specialise in providing only short-term rentals. Many of these agencies are found online and offer online reservation opportunities. Services are offered in English and Spanish. See our Directory for agency and hotel listings.

After you find a place to sleep, your search can start. Unless you want to depend on getting lucky, you should consider several options for your apartment search. The most important thing is to have a very clear idea of what you are actually looking for. If you do not work this out it is easy to waste your time. The best start is to get familiar with your new environment by walking around, seeing how transport works and asking other people about different neighbourhoods and areas.

There is a wide range of options when looking for an apartment. As always in life, the more you are willing to pay (i.e. for an agent), the easier your search will be. For an efficient search, you should be familiar with the basic rental terms in Argentina. See our section on contracts for further information.

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