Family Sponsorship

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A family sponsorship visa allows relatives to reunite in Canada. Approximately 30% of Canadian immigrants are sponsored by family members. Here is what you need to know about family sponsorship visas and how to apply.

What is family sponsorship?

A family sponsorship visa entitles its holder to permanent residency in Canada.


To sponsor relatives you must be:

Relatives being sponsored must not have committed a crime making them ‘inadmissible’  to Canada and must be the spouse, partner or child of an eligible sponsor.


Spouses, common-law or conjugal partners (partners unable to marry or live with the sponsor for reasons outside of their control ie. immigration regulations, religious beliefs etc.) can normally be included in your own immigration application provided the marriage or civil partnership ceremony was legally recognised in the country in which it took place or the conjugal relationship existed for at least 12 months.


Biological and adopted children under the age of 18 both can be sponsored to live with their parents in Canada. Children with mental and/or physical disabilities of all ages may also be considered for sponsorship.


In most cases, parents, grandparents and other relatives are not immediately eligible for sponsorship. However, they may still be sponsored if they co-sign a sponsorship agreement stating the sponsor will support them financially for a period of 3-10 years if they are not able to find a job or they become unemployed.

Sponsorship application process 

Step 1:

Get and complete the Application package 

This includes: 

Step 2: 

Pay application fees online  (for a spouse or a partner it costs $1,050 CAD, while fees for sponsoring a child, parent, grandparent, or any other relative are $150 CAD) and print two copies the receipt as you will need to attach one of these as proof of payment to your sponsorship application.

Step 3: 

Send all forms together to the address found in the instructions guide included in the Application Package.

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