Cosmetic surgery and dentistry

High quality, low costs

Besides the good general healthcare in Costa Rica, qualitative and economic cosmetic surgery is readily available. Many of the surgeons and dentist are trained in the United States and Europe and are bilingual.

Tens of thousands of patients come from abroad each year for procedures making Costa Rica among the most popular cosmetic surgery destinations in the world. Many visitors combine their procedures with stays in resorts, especially since several clinics offer package deals where procedure and resort are included.

The most common procedures are breast enlargements, facelifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, nose surgery, eyelid surgery, ear surgery, hair implants, lip surgery, chin implants, reconstructive surgery and dentistry. To have an idea of the costs: nose surgery US$ 1,750; hair transplants US$ 1,000; botox US$ 500 and breast implants US$ 3,000. Prices range per clinic and per patient. Additional treatments will increase the cost.

If you decide to take cosmetic surgery, plan in time to heal. As with any surgery, your body needs to recover and complete rest is the best solution. You should consider staying several weeks or even up to some months in Costa Rica to recover. Make sure you arrange everything in advance before going into surgery as having to deal with hassles such as exchanging money or looking for different places to stay are not pleasant if you are still swollen. Things you should not do after surgery include sunbathing, drinking alcohol, water sports or any other intensive activities. Rest and relaxation are commonly prescribed. If you want to fly home as soon as possible after the procedures, calculate a minimum stay of 7 to 10 days before flying.

Another point to take into consideration is follow-ups. If you are only to stay for a short term period in Costa Rica, follow-ups will also be limited. Remember that you underwent surgery and follow-ups could make the difference between a satisfactory procedure and a less satisfactory procedure. It is recommended to contact the clinics in order to get a good idea of what the procedure you are interested will cost you and the time you should calculate on staying in the country. Our business directory provides a list with surgeons. © 2003-2023 Just Landed