Health Insurance

What to do in case of an emergency

Health insurances are offered by INS but as a foreigner you can also join the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS).

INS offers two different kinds of insurances, the INS Seguro de gastos medicos and the INS Medical Insurance. CCSS offers among others low cost health care. As a foreigner you can make use of CCSS by paying a small monthly fee based on your income. CCSS works through many clinics and hospitals, a list of which is available on the CCSS website: A third alternative is of course to bring your own insurance from back home

INS Seguro de Gastos Medicos

This insurance covers medical expenses in Costa Rica. This program is open to persons from 18 to 100 years of age. Children can be added when they are 30 days old until they turn 22 if they are in a technical school or 25 if they are at university. Two different plans are available. Plan A covers all medical consults, medicines, examinations, laboratory costs and pregnancy up till 10 % of the insured amount. Plan B covers hospital costs, ambulance costs, surgery, medical assistance for pregnancy, home healthcare and medical instruments up till 90% of the insured amount.

INS Medical Insurance

INS medical insurance provides coverage for medical costs. Three programs are offered, the Regional Plan the International Plan and the Large Deductible Plan. The International Plan and the Large Deductible Plan cover treatment in Costa Rica, Central America or other countries, respectively. The international plans cover up to US$ 2 million annually, whereas the Regional Plan covers up to US$ 200,000. These insurances cover hospital and ambulance costs, cancer treatments and epidemics, organ transplants and prosthesis. This insurance is paid in US dollars. © 2003-2023 Just Landed