Important Telephone Numbers

Numbers you might need

In Costa Rica there are no city codes. All telephone numbers exist of 7 digits.

The Access Code for Costa Rica is 506. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the country code you want to call.

The following important telephone numbers are in use in Costa Rica:

The Costa Rican Telephone Company ICE has the following service numbers in use:

112 Time, this number costs 3.25 Colones per call

113 Information. This free number assists you in finding the telephone number of the person or company you are looking for, 24 hours a day.

115 This is a free number called telegestiĆ³n. By calling this number you can arrange all sorts of administrative tasks regarding telephone such as changing your name in the telephone book, changing telephone numbers, etc.

119 Trouble or damage with your telephone line. This is a free number.

124 International information. This number helps you find international telephone numbers. Each call costs 19.5 Colones.

137 Service number especially designed for people with hearing, sight or speech problems. This service is offered in Spanish and English.

187 Billing information

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