Rented Accommodation

How to find a home in Kuwait

The majority of property is rented unfurnished, whether it be a grand villa or a modest studio apartment.

‘Unfurnished’ might mean only the barest of essentials but is more likely to include a kitchen unit, curtain rails and lighting fixtures, or it might mean semi-furnished, with kitchen equipment, a cooker, refrigerator and washing machine. In most cases, it includes a television aerial socket with access to local stations and probably BBC and CNN via satellite; you might also have access to other networks and movie channels, although you might have to pay for them. There’s also furnished property on the market, but it is harder to find and of course more expensive. Most people want a new property and there are plenty of them available.

Finding a Rental Property

Renting accommodation in Kuwait is a straightforward, well-established practice. Major international companies with trading links in the region often have housing arrangements in the form of long-term leases on properties for their staff. If you have to find your own accommodation, your sponsor and his staff will invariably help. There’s considerable choice in all price bands and it’s usually quite straightforward to find the type of property you want.

Having decided on a budget, you need to decide on the location of the property, weighing up the importance of access to your place of work, type and size of living space you want, whether villa or apartment, the number of bedrooms, etc.. Kuwait cities are small by international standards and driving times between home and work are short, usually without substantial traffic jams.

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