Rental Contracts

What you need to know

It’s usual for the rental contract to be drawn up with the owner of the property using your sponsor as the principal.

There are a number reasons for this:

Note that changing your accommodation mid-contract is always tricky, so you should choose your accommodation carefully in the first place to avoid the necessity to move.

In most rental contracts, there’s a standard clause about returning the property in a reasonable condition, allowing for normal wear and tear. Any losses or damage must be made good. Anti-social behaviour such as noise or abuse of property will probably mean eviction. Expatriates are usually well-behaved, knowing that their hosts have little tolerance of bad or criminal behaviour.


Furnished apartments are equipped with a wide range of goods, usually of reasonable quality. A copy of the inventory will be provided with the contract and items checked when you leave, with charges made for damage or losses. The return of your deposit depends on whether or not the property is left in good order. © 2003-2021 Just Landed