The rental market

There’s a wide range of apartments and villas available in Oman, both inside and outside of secure compounds. Unfortunately, since expatriates are not allowed to own property in Oman they are left with no choice but to rent their homes.

Contrary to popular misconception, few Omani homes are located in the desert. In fact, most visitors are pleasantly surprised when they see the cities of Oman for the first time - mixtures of modern architecture and traditional homes and wind towers. New buildings are often spectacular, as oil has provided the money for skilled architects, builders and materials. Wealthy families often compete for prestige by attempting to build the biggest or most luxurious homes.

When you´re looking for a home, pay special attention to nearby construction projects. As development continues throughout Oman, these projects could grow to disturb your daily routine. Noise, dust, and debris are all potential side-effects resulting from nearby construction. Some construction even continues 24 hours a day, which could make relaxing difficult!

Relocation Consultants

Relocation consultants are frequently used by multi-national companies and large institutions moving employees into the region.

Some consultants provide practical and cultural guidance to those new to Oman. One of their chief responsibilities is often helping expatriate employees deal with culture shock, a very real (but temporary) mental condition that often accompanies adjustment to life in a foreign country. Culture shock usually passes with time, but in some cases it can lead to more serious conditions such as clinical depression.

Otherwise, consultants find accommodation for expatriates and their families, as well as arrange for furnishings for the home and shipments of the expats´goods from their home countries. This leaves expats and their families free to adjust to life in Oman and focus on more immediate concerns (such as starting at new jobs or schools), rather than spend all their time paging through classified ads and haggling with landlords. It also streamlines the application processes for the many permits that expats require to live and work in Oman, as relocation consultants are familiar with requirements and procedures.

Companies that mainly employ Middle Eastern workers usually do not make use of relocation services. Since much of the labor in Middle Eastern countries is migrant, employers assume that their employees have experience (or at least know someone with experience) moving and working abroad. Of course, this also saves them the trouble of paying professional relocation consultants. © 2003-2021 Just Landed